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Makes IE Capable of Rendering CSS3 Decoration Features

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CSS Level 3 brings with it some incredibly powerful styling features. Rounded corners, soft drop shadows, gradient fills, and so on. CSS3 promises to do away with all that! But as we all know, due to Internet Explorer’s lack of support for any of these features, we need CSS3 PIE.

PIE stands for Progressive Internet Explorer. It is an IE attached behavior which, when applied to an element, allows IE to recognize and display a number of CSS3 properties. CSS3 PIE makes Internet Explorer 6-8 capable of rendering several of the most useful CSS3 decoration features.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://css3pie.com/
License: License Free

  • Another nice app (only OSX) for webkit browsers:


  • PIE is great, but can a significant lag occasionally occurs with javascript animations in IE7 and below.

  • CSS3 Pie is amazing. I’ve been using it on websites for the last 6 months or so and am in love with it. Makes certain CSS3 properties actually look nice in IE.

  • WOW! This failed at my first try! Using the 960gs grid, and haveing a form with border-radius where you have background-color on the div and the borders will vanish. I believe this was to do with the z-index problem which is explained in their known problems faq.

    Other than that, it really is cool!

  • For reference, the sollution was to add this to the above blokelement:

    position:relative; z-index: 1;

    and it worked again, which was also mentioned in the knownm issues, http://css3pie.com/documentation/known-issues/#z-index

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