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jQuery E-Help Embedded Help System for Web Apps

Posted · Category: Demo Tour, GPL License, MIT License

Embedded Help System is “providing help where help is needed” concept that can be easily integrated into web interface. The point is to offer help to user in their working interface and actual situation.

jQuery E-Help is plugin for procedural (“How to …”) web user interface help and it’s easy to integrate into any web interface that supports Jquery. Useful for all web applications, CMS and E-commerce systems.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://embedded-help.net/
License: GPL, MIT License

  • A Nonny Moose

    You’re kidding right?

    “Then, type a phrase You wont to find”

    Random capitalisation of You? Wont? Is that, like, want, only different? Whait… what?

    Actually, nice idea. It’ll help show that your “steps to complete” are all over the place and maybe you need to design the screens top to bottom.

    I dig on the idea. It’s a nice idea. The demos could do with some work though.

  • WCM Consultant

    It’s a shame there’s no spell checker (see tooltip in graphic) ;-)

  • VitC

    You ever considered that the developer’s language is NOT English. Why not just appreciate the hard work of this very useful plug-in and not be critical of the spelling.

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