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Resources for Building Large-Scale jQuery Applications

Posted · Category: Information

Today we are going to look at the end-to-end tools and options you have for Building Large-Scale Enterprise jQuery Applications. Addy Osmani has put together a toolkit for large-scale jQuery application development by identifying the options you have available at the moment for dependency management, MVC with jQuery, templating, testing, minification and more.


Source: http://addyosmani.com/blog/large-scale-jquery/

  • this is good topic, I started working with jQuery and AJAX too much lately, and it is time to tackle this.
    Thank you for sharing ;)

  • Great post. Interesting stuff regarding templating and javascript, and some nice discussions about whether or not Javascript should be handling data in that way.

    I’ll definitely be looking further into this stuff when it comes to my next project.


  • Daniel

    The best choice for building large-scale enterprise jQuery applications: Use a modular, extensible, Class-aware framework like MooTools instead of cute little DOM libraries such as jQuery.

  • Very usefull Thank.

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