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Giveaway 5 x Licenses of WordPress Developer Club

Posted · Category: Announcement

RocketTheme’s WordPress Theme Club is a new club based on the highly popular Joomla Template Club. These wordpress themes provide a stunningly unique blog design to enable you to stand out from the crowd. Their extensive community forums allow you to quickly get help and learn how to bring your own ideas to life.

They offer a variety of subscription options to satisfy the needs of any individual, organization or business. RocketTheme Developer level club memberships extend the regular clubs with added benefits with the sole intention to make your life as a developer easier.

RocketTheme is very kind to giveaway 5 x Licenses of WordPress Developer Club ($250 each) to our readers. Simply leave a comment about how you would use the themes under this giveaway contest. We will pick 5 lucky person and announce the winners on 28st Nov. What are you waiting for?


  • galechus

    I would give to friends this themes… :)

  • Santiago

    Nice… Rockettheme is one of my favorites!

  • I would give one theme to a friend who is looking to bring her animal rescue league online, one to my mother who is setting up a site for her Avon Walk for Breast Cancer team, and I would use one to promote and sell the software I’m working on to get me through the next two years of college.

  • hey, amazing offer!

  • Hi to’ all,
    I would to use this theme for my personal project. I love rokthemes templates!

  • Alejandro

    I would make my family and Friends web sites

  • Pleasseee ;)

  • Saffron

    Awesome giveaway! RocketTheme templates are some of my favourite to work with.
    I would use the templates for clients probably. To be able to offer RocketTheme templates to my clients (usually not huge budgets) would be just awesome for them. :D

  • JSG

    I was always looking at those beautiful rockettheme as I was setting up a website for a club I’m in. As that is a non-profit-student-club, the price – in fact, sadly any price… – was always too expensive…

  • Niceeee!! :) My blog needs something from RocketTheme :P.

  • Ken

    I hope to use this for starting the personal blog that I always wanted.

  • I would start a blog finally!!!

  • Alex

    I could start a local blog :D something my place needs.

  • Great contest! I’m constantly changing my WordPress theme so I’m sure these would come in handy.

  • A good theme could get me off of blogger.

  • tomas

    I will start blogging under one of these nice themes

  • Great offer.
    I just wanted to change theme to a couple of my sites =D

  • I would use them for my lyrics script. More great lyrics websites would be cool! Of course your links would be there and a widget of your kind offer! Thanks in advance!

  • I would use it for my friends webpage and for quickily running some of my own which I dont have the time to design right now.

  • alphyon

    GOOD ! I’ll use’em for the website of my new start-up !

  • Nelson

    Great give away have been using them for years now and this will be a boost. They have some really rocking and fantastic second to none themes with Joomla

  • Cool themes, Knew they joomla themes but didn’t know they had entered the wordpress market ! If I win I’ll use their themes to launch some new blogs in our italian blog network :)

  • Giuseppe Bianco

    I would use it for my next personal blog.

  • James Durrant

    Pleased to see that Rockettheme not only makes quality templates for Joomla! but is now making great templates for WordPress and Drupal.

  • Kaaviar

    I would update my marketing blog design !

  • I would use it for my Mama blog.

  • Joost

    First I would use it to update a charity website which supports a community in South Africa. Secondly I would use it for some friends so they will be able to express themselfs on the web.

  • Kevin

    Cool, I would like to use this for a few websites needing a revamp!

  • spinx

    I would use it for a site for my friend who’s just starting his business on the web.

  • I’d love to get one of the licenses!

  • How many templates would the license grant access to? I hope it is much. I would use them on my free multi-blogging site so users can have more themes to use.

  • Hi,

    that are very nice themes. I would use it for my personal blog.

  • Pick me, because I want to update my girlfriend’s blog design :) It’s quite outdated, and I want to surprise her :)

  • Will use them for my clients projects. Good luck to all. Cheers :D

  • Ril

    I could start my new personal blog.

  • dan

    I’d use one license to create my own blog – but then I’d use the others for school blogs. My brother is a primary school teacher and I know he’d love a fantastic looking site based on the rockettheme templates. I’m also moving house to a place in the country and the region doesn’t have a good web presence. I’d use one of the templates to set up a regional blog and encourage local businesses to submit their latest news and information. I know that these wordpress templates from rockettheme are extremely seo friendly, so I’m sure that it would bring in traffic from search engines for those businesses.

  • nauris

    Nice. I’d use some in my WP based projects.

  • Catalonia

    I have to depelope some WP projects in a near future. These themes are just what I am looking for.

  • I would finally put my website up! (and some non profit sites that i run)

  • Wynd

    I would use a theme to setup my new business website and possibly to create a website for my mates wedding.

  • Andrea

    Give it to me :D!

  • I would use it for personal development, to be able to offer a better service to my clients. My website could also use an upgrade..

  • alle

    It would be very nice! The photographic association I collaborate with would be very pleased to renew its “web skin”.

  • Jens Mikkelsen

    Daddy needs a new pair of template :D

  • Jen Perkins

    I am redesigning my personal site and am planning to use WordPress. To have a selection of some premium templates from RocketTheme (a site that my employer already uses for a Joomla site) would be outstanding!

  • I love the Rocket! I’ll start using it on my future web media blog. I do need a cool looking theme and Rocket just does that with ease…

  • Siblja

    I would use them for some non-profit sites of local charity and social organizations that are currently on hold.

  • This License will be my first one from RocketTheme

  • donald

    I use Afterburner on Joomla! I’d use Rocket everywhere!

  • I have 3 projects on standby: a blog for a nonprofit organization about Creativity; finally move my blog to wordpress and a Christian church blog.
    that’s what I´ll do when I win a prize.

  • I love Joomla & WP, and with the RocketTheme account I am gonna create a Rocking blog that’s gonna be outta this world. :)

  • sun_

    I would use it for my girlfriends blog :)

  • whoetbe

    Hi! This seems to be a great offer :)

  • marnhem

    I’m currently working on my employer’s new website, which is built under WordPress.
    This theme would be the perfect starting point.

  • Hi!
    I like WordPress, i Would like use it for create stunning ipad wordpress interface.

  • Lionel

    I will use them for non profit website

  • Dennis

    I love RocketTheme templates! The designs are great and they have active forums. I would love to try these out on wordpress!

  • I would use it for my upcoming blogging network :)

  • Digones

    I never won nothing on giveaways =(. I need to start my personal blog!!!!

  • Yes, they look great :)

  • TheHelix

    I woud love to test them all ^^

  • Zed3

    Going to use it for one of my custom WP projects.

  • I could use it to start a blog about aerial photography

  • I would do my own blog or use it for several client projects. good luck to all of you.

  • I would use one of the theme (Infuse) for the new version of http://www.wpthemesnews.com

  • I already subscribe to the Joomla and PHP themes from RocketTheme – absolutely love their work but can’t afford to subscribe to everything they do :-( I use WP quite extensively so would make very good use of this.

  • vincent

    i’ll use them to speed up time-to-market for my clients

  • gianluca

    I’m going to use them to several project I’m into

  • I would use it to put an AWESOME smile in my clients faces!!

  • artjynx

    I would develop awesome websites for clients in record time

  • Need a new design for my personal blog. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • it will be a good start up for my web agency

  • Sounds good! NIce to have ;-)


  • i want enhance my coding skill… especially in mootools and jquery integrated with wordpress… thanks… :)

  • I would use the themes to learn more about wordpress and hopefully develop add ons and themes alike :)

  • Marshall

    This is one of the best looking packs I’ve ever seen.

  • Jansen Tolle

    I would use this membership as an opportunity to expand my knowledge of WordPress development. I’m pretty good at it already but there is always more to learn!

  • k19s

    Hi, great giveaway please count me in. I would love to have a subscription from RocketTheme to help with my websites. I currently use my own designed wordpress for my blog and need a more professional designed template which is more stable so that I can attract more people to visit my site in order to grow by business.


  • shae

    I would charge a client a lot of money for for a nice looking site that took me very little time to launch.

  • My blog could use a good makeover!

  • I would finally spicy up my personal website!

  • Jeff Kes

    I love Rocket Themes. Keep up the great work.

  • This would be awesome!

  • I would like to have an idea about RocketTheme and this will help me when building new wordpress themes for my clients. Thanks very much.

  • just trying for the hundredth time…
    anyway, great work guys!

  • I would use the theme for my new web developing blog I’m creating at the moment :=)

    Good luck 4 all

  • Maybe this time…

  • Sahan

    My portfolio redesign :)


    Lets give it a try.

  • Wow, I’d like to have it for my future websites.
    It’ll also let me understand better the Joomla templating.
    Sorry for my English.

  • I would use this for clients and myself! Thanks

  • Amaiko

    Count me in…..

  • Santhosh

    Great themes!!. I will use it for my blogs and websites.

  • dawinch

    I would use them for clients. 10000 euro each site.
    Money with no work.

  • great template for free is always handy :)

  • Deprecated

    I would use one for a website that my son wants to build so that he is encouraged to become familiar with WordPress.

    The others I would most likely use myself to become more familiar with WordPress theme design and development.

  • Derek

    I would love to use this to fix up my friend’s sports blog.

  • Definitely would revamp a couple sites I’ve been needing to work on.

  • JoMa

    I would update my personal page.

  • Omer Farooq

    This is great!

  • Choose me, please!!! :P

  • Jessica

    After many years of developing static and wordpress sites for free to non-profit organizations, I have decided to take the plunge into the cold, dark waters of freelancing. This would be perfect for assisting in getting my new business off the ground!

  • I am a member of WPMU Dev, and I’d love to join RocketTheme’s club!

    We are building a full game community network on the WordPress 3 platform, with a “Create your own fansite” button, and we would love to use RocketTheme’s WP themes to skin some of our 50+ websites.

  • Cesar

    This looks like a great site for those of use who are not great designers

  • Niki

    it would be usefull to make my own blog!

  • zef

    I would use it to make cry my friends ! :D

  • Markus


    i make a Blog for/about my family. My little son (9Month) can read it later and i hope he smile :)

    Hope i win! cheers

  • Fr33lanc3r

    My site is due for a makeover.

  • Great Themes! I’ll do lots of cool sites with them

  • It’s been a long time since I made the transition from joomla to wordpress. I always admired rocketthemes for their excellent theme designs and often looked at them for creative inspiration. I would love the opportunity to tap into their creative themes so my clients get to experience excellent designs. Glad to see rocketthemes join the wordpress community.

  • dan1977

    They have lovely themes.
    I will use them for my friends websites

  • Hi, I’m from Ukraine, I’ll create the business of creating websites (will be at site24.com.ua) based on templates and the license is very much helped me at first!

  • Nik

    Awesome Stuff!! Got a few projects that this would kick start very nicely with!! Thanks WebAppers and thanks to rockettheme.com

  • Hi!.. I used this themes for learn more… ;)

  • Beny

    Wow! this is amazing, definitely will make me look good at work.

  • Great offer! I would use these on projects of course but also as a learning tool for discovering just what sort of planning and feature selection goes into a good theme.

  • Great offer! It make me happy

  • I would use these on my arcade game site to offer a better design impact.

  • I would use this to help desing a couple of new sites I am working on.

  • Warren


    I would use the templates for the three sites I need to do. Need some nice looking templates that will stand out.


    Have a great day and I enjoy your Blog.


  • William

    I would create a blog that would give information on how everyone can donate food and toys to the needy. i would create a page to give out free blankets to keep all the cold children warm. I would create a category where people can donate puppies to sad kids. Finally I would like to have it so that I can get homes with loving parents to Americas orphins. I hope you will help me give back! :)

  • sofyand

    RocketThemes joomla themes are excellent themes, I certainly would like to see WP themes the team creates.
    What would I do with the themes is use them on my and my friend’s WP-powered blogs. :)

  • Hi. I want participate! My bussines need a new face

  • nice offer.
    I will ned it for blogging

  • Klaas

    I need a new template for my photography website which looks pretty ugly right now. :)

  • I would use it on my next project, ecommerce site.

  • I would use these themes as an opportunity to learn the backend code of extremely well developed templates and as a method of further development of my ideas

  • Joachim Kliemann

    i would build an awesome website for my daughter.

  • Gunnar

    First I would use it to finish my dream sharing project. Great giveaway as always, keep up the great work.

  • Ann

    would like to use them for new clients

  • asterios

    I would love to win because their designs are perfect, plus my blog needs a new outfit!

  • Gurkan

    good opportunity. let’s try our luck. thanks.

  • It looks beautiful and would be suitable for my personal project too.

  • It would be an amazing gift ever!

  • texman

    Would like to win these themes!

  • Antonio Garza

    I Feel lucky today!

  • I’ll use them for make better, faster and SEO optimized blogs ;)

  • Yep, me, please.

  • Robbert Elshout

    Because I wanna redesign my music blog ?
    Because I wanna redesign my portfolio ?
    Because I’m developing an new personal website?


    Because it’s my birthday?!?!

  • Julien

    One word : Thx !!!!

  • Michael L.

    I would use these themes for my blog, because the current theme is getting very dull.

  • sumit tuladhar

    I am an web developer on campus. having an developer account could help me develop some cool organizational and faculty website and promote joomla and its power

  • Nash

    I will use one to create my blog and another for a NGO which I wanted to help in getting a good design for their site to raise awareness.

  • Now this is nice price! :)

  • Please:) Can i get it?

  • i need new layout for my Manchester United website

  • Bob

    I would like to try these themes for some clients.

  • I Want one, pleaaaasseee…

    I really need to remake my personal blog.. and it would be great if i can do it with rocketteam and webappers ;)

  • Lester Guidry

    I would love to win and be able to use this.

  • I would start a business with Rocket Themes. They look very nice!

  • Tam

    N0ice. now pick me to win!

  • I would offer beautiful, clean and sophisticated websites for my clients. They deserve this award!

  • Colin

    The best ones. I’ll use them to make new site for my personal bussines. Thank yuo!

  • Where do we start for a great themes for your WordPress? It’s surely Rocket Themes

  • Vladimir


    I would start web site for my girfriend and myself i well be very happy if you choise me as winer :)

    Tnx so much, greetings from Serbia.

  • Sameera

    Ooh, I’ve been dying to revamp 3 of the websites I’m working on. This will be a lovely early Christmas present :)

  • Ghofrani

    Nice , We will use these templates in our new designs .

  • TC2010

    I will use these templates to teach my students how to create their graduation profolios

  • I would use it for my blog.

  • Addamz

    Nice price. 1 licence here please :D Regards from Slovakia

  • Ed

    I would use them to finally set up my own blog. Sure would make my life much easier!

  • Marco Vidor

    I would use the templates to finally give a nice look for my websites that i still haven’t had the time to do so…

  • Long time joomla developer I’ve used and worked on top of Rockettheme products.

    Now as a WordPress developer and designer would love the opportunity to use their top-quality products again.

    Can you please make that happen ? :)


  • naiton


  • hmk

    will use themes for my small business

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