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Giveaway 3x Bundles of $2,000 Premium Resources

Posted · Category: Announcement

Bundle Hunt 2 has just released, and will only be available for 14 days, from Oct. 4-18 and includes some of the most prestigious brands in the business. This time, they are offering more than $2,000 worth of outstanding apps, templates, icons, WordPress Themes, hosting plans and premium memberships, all for less than $50!

Bundle Hunt is very kind to giveaway 3 x bundles to our readers. Simply leave a comment and tell us what apps, icons, themes or memberships you would like to see in the next bundle. We will pick 3 lucky person and announce the winners on 14th Oct. Hurry up! This contest only lasts for 2 days! What are you waiting for?


  • Steve Sans

    Great! Expect to see Joomla templates on the next bundle.

  • Gilbert

    Wow first comment? I would like to see more stuff to create podcasts and videocasts and all stuff related to video and audio…:-)

  • mstalfoort

    would be nice to have this

  • galechus

    Pictograms and WebApps Icon Sets…

  • Themes from Themify.me is nice

  • JopS

    Great offer, but what would make it a must buy for me would be the inclusion of some CMS software, shopping cart software and scripts for things like a Guestbook, contact forms, etc. Nice job though!

  • I’d like to see the PHP link directory app in the bundle.

  • Perhaps some credits for the Envato sites. Something to do with social media marketing and maybe some 3d resources.

  • felix

    Fonts are alway nice to have. And I am always up for cool software, icons, vectors and resources.

  • Gert-Jan

    Mac apps, big 512px icons en WordPress themes en resources.

  • Alex

    Social Network icons (more like a comment, users, video, group, etc.), not the Facebook+Twitter+Myspace type of Social icons.

  • Sameera

    Would really love to see some themes for stuff like Magento for which quality themes are really scarce.
    Admin panel themes for Joomla would be great too.

  • Any chance of splitting the items amongst commenters? I dont use (or even have access to) a Mac so I cant use some of the items in the bundle. Only items that interest me are the themes (so I dont have to searching warez sites for them).

    Its a lovely offer, but I think I’ll pass on this.

  • Would love to see more resources targeting software developer (like the free hosting with site5). Good luck to all. Cheers.

  • Tiago Ricciardi

    i’d like some admin themes, like those on themeforest.

  • Tcertain

    All of these will be useful to any web designer and I will make good use of all of them

  • Some high class mono icons for webpages, istock or other stock photography credits.

  • I’d like to see more themes, for wordpress and also html templates for websites.

  • would love to see some plain html (admin) templates or some webshop software! cheers

  • nauris

    some istock credits, some wp eCommerce themes and SlickGallery would be nice. thanks!

  • I’d love to see something from WooThemes or ThemeForest in the next bundle – big names like those would certainly attract a bigger audience.

  • stamba

    I would like to see some menus, themes and templates. Admin Back-end templates would also be nice.

  • Jen Perkins

    Anything related to WordPress or Joomla! (themes, administrator templates, etc.) would be fabulous!

  • I woud like to find more HTML5/CSS3 snippets and also ready-to-use mobile widgets.

  • I would like to see more forum icons, ranks… And admin themes… :)

    Good luck…

  • livebrush pro would be great! also resizable icon sets or at least different sizes for UI designs and shops, fonts, more credit offers so that winners can choose what to download themselves (like brusheezy in the current pack).

  • Hello,
    Please, choose me.
    Best regards.

  • Hernan Silva

    I would like to see premium WP plugins, suchs as Gravity Forms or Popup Dominator, also some membership to istock or vectorstock.

    Thanks for the contest. hoping to win

  • foobar

    Less product-specific content (wordpress/joomla) but more generic stuff that can be used anywhere: stock icons, plain css/html themes and please no more twitter/facebook icons ;)

    I also prefer a discount on photoshop or similar mainstream tools instead of 5 mediocre shareware products.

  • dan

    Another nice addition would be some tdd program, for organizing what needs to be done. Something like ‘things’ for example!

    Nice to see another contest, hope i’ll win this one! :)

  • Stephen Nolan

    some premium resources from the nuts+ network

  • Piotr Coselev

    Would be really nice to see TextMate or Coda

    GL 2 All

  • Some themes for ExpressionEngine would be cool. In particular the ones of WooThemes.

    Oh, and a 6 month Think Vitamin subscription could come in handy too…

    And one think I need to say: Good luck to everyone who entered this giveaway!

  • It would be nice to have some premium fonts in the next pack.
    All my best wishes! :)

  • For next bundle I want Postbox for Mac!! :) Thanks in advance

  • grafilog

    Some fonts, and admin (back office) templates !

  • Tyago Neres

    I would like to see more mac apps and big names of the wordpress theme market, like Woothemes and Press75…

  • Oooh. What a nice bundle.

  • Great deal. Just keep going guys, u r doing the right thing.

  • raff

    no app, more template, photo stock, vector file and so on

  • Antonio

    I want to be one of the lucky winners..

  • I’d love to see a Font Manager and a Color Scheme generator. Perhaps even a license for a nice text editor like BBEdit.

  • Joomla templates would be great, as well as WP Themes from WooThemes. Some Webfonts would also be cool.

  • I’d love to see even more Tumblr themes!

  • macwitty

    Don’t mind a vector image app
    Template for quick e-books to make a couple of pages to look nice
    More fonts

  • would love to see:
    premium accounts on some paid tutorial sites (tuts+, cartoonsmart, etc)
    or maybe promo code for psd2html service
    Standard Theme 2 for wp
    and btw guys like frogames (in current pack) have some 3d bundles (or 3drt, etc). Wouldn’t it be nice to try adding some 3d? =)

  • rajaishbt

    Like to see a bundle of Minimalistic Design

  • Craig Paterson

    Great contest for a great bundle.

    It would be nice for the next one to contain some credits for iStockPhoto, CodeCanyon or ThemeForest. Premium WordPress Plugins would also be a great addition.

  • Adam

    I’d like to see more web design / development applications for Mac, e.g., Coda, Transmit. Some CMS application, MySQL database management application.

    …and maybe some books, or training videos

  • paul rostorp

    I’m in !

  • David Rubin

    Great stuff! I’d love to see more css3, html5, ajax and mobile tools… would make the transition to the next stage of the web easier for a lot of people.

  • Oh man i need this. I’d love to see some premium wordpress plugins included.

  • roxtor

    more wordpress themes

  • Ril

    I would like to see CSS3, HTML5, JS snippets, some plaint HTML templates, WP Themes…

    Hope I’ll win, good luck to everybody!

  • Alex C

    A wireframing app would be great. An wizard to create HTML5 video/audio tags with fallback to Flash.

  • czepol

    In the next bundle I would like to see more WordPress Themes and fonts.

  • Pablo

    Great bundle!
    I would like more CleanMyMac-like tools!

  • Daniel

    I would be nice to get themes from Themify.me and premium memberships from nettuts.com.

  • Sweet deal. I’d like to see maybe Light CMS, PHP Link Directory, some SEO services, some more WP themes (Thesis!), and some stock photo site credits.

  • Jonas

    I would like to see Parallels Desktop included.

  • ahmed zain

    Amazing … CSS templates would be great :)

  • Zed3

    IMO, some CSS themes, 3DS files, envato credits would be great

  • Would love to see some Drupal themes and more WP themes included. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Austin


  • Anything to help kick-start HTML5 development would be great – video player themes, HTML5+CSS3 templates, app frameworks

  • Antonio Stoilkov

    Premium WordPress Plugins or Themes, CMS Software, Shopping Card Software.

  • Kirk

    Some MS Hosting option especially DNN!

  • CSS3+HTML5 themes, more JQuery template, and some photostock for webart collection, enough with WP themes (its just too much of ti now!) and maybe some latest Joomla template would be good. And what about giving up some free commercial software like dreamweaver or something like that?

    cant wait to see who the winner will be….
    Good Luck everybody !!

  • mitch

    My vote is for magento themes!

  • love to see some CCS3 and HTML5 templates!!

  • Anghela

    I’d like to see Pixelmator, PulpMotion, BannerZest Pro, WordPress themes… but first of all, win this one !

  • A membership to the TutsPlus through Envato would be awesome! Hope I win :-)

  • rooy

    Looks great, I’d like to see more theme bundles ;)

  • Shawn

    Anything dealing with e-commerce, fonts and/or envato.

  • George T.

    Joomla templates hope so.

  • I’ve been waiting for Bundle, and it looks great! Would love to see some more licenses and Rocketthemes for WordPress ;o

  • Rhett

    Joomla templates and Drupal, membership to Licorize, cartoony icons, and Studiometry for Mac.

  • Blake

    Being that this is webappers, I’d really like to see bundles geared toward developers. Site5, Ronin, apps such as these. But also, apps that assist with coding and site management like Coda, Blue Crab, etc… apps that help make our jobs eaiser, more efficient.

  • Some premium themes, CMS licences like vBulletin.
    Premium accounts for Dropbox, Spotify, Rescuetime, etc.

  • Charlie

    +1 for more developer tools and apps in the bundle.

  • Rick


  • st.

    Thanks. Would love to see some iPhone Apps and Mac Apps.

  • Its very nice sets…thanks for posting.

  • Steve Robillard

    I would love to see an all web app bundle so it would be an easier buy decision for those of us without a mac.

  • Apisit

    Thanks! Expect to see Rapidweaver Plugin, Stacks add-on and Themes on the next bundle.

  • i would like to see more resources and less trial subscription service products.

  • Nate

    I would like to see more icons and typography. I would love to win a set though. :)

  • Nik

    awesome stuff….
    I would love to see Dropbox accounts and istockphoto credits!

    Keep up the awesome work!

  • drsoda

    would like to see stuff like 37signals, templates for business catalyst, dropbox, box.net, istockphoto, dreamtheme etc

  • bugton

    admin template huh?

  • I’d love to get some reference e-books (of the “Digging WordPress” kind).

    Mmmm…. maybe some premium WP plug-ins would also be nice.

  • AK91

    Anything would be great, free stuff is always great!

  • MJ

    more wordpress themes/plugins and photo apps for mac!

  • Santiago

    FTW…. I would like to see more from themify.me quite elegant :)

  • Would love to see less iPhone or Mac Apps, and more platform independent software.

    And istockphoto credits are a very good idea!

  • Sirirat

    I’d love to see …

    6 months extended for Site5 if I’ve won or bought this bunndle.
    Fontspring with @font-face license or Typekit Annual Memberships.

    Thank you :) Good Luck !!

  • Martin

    I’m here :)

  • phil

    As mentioned several times before, istock, icons, css templates etc, less specific items and more generic items that can be used in a more general manner.

  • k19s

    Hi, great giveaway please count me in. I would like to see Joomla templates in the next bundle.


  • General use icons, like gallery, settings, comment, users, etc.

    I’d be really happy to win this ;) THX

  • d0k

    Dreaming about nice dhtml goodies with amazing UI and strong SEO code..
    hope to see them soon!

  • formlotse

    I would like to see even more webfonts and memberships to webfont services in the next release.

  • Munim

    Hoping to see some nice jQuery plugins and definitely an awesome bundle.

  • Nice :) I’ll give a try on my general bad luck !

    Choose me, huh ?

  • Yoyo

    Great Bundle

  • I’d like to see wp themes

  • Joane

    coool stuff

  • Fuzz

    Great bargain as always, would use some of these for my eshop :)

  • Very nice. How about some twitter backgrounds? Thanks!

  • jacknife

    i’m in! ty

  • Ivo

    I would like to see some rich and lightweight WYSIWYG editor next.

    And it would be great if a get this giveaway. :)

  • Spencer

    Perhaps some themes or credit from Themeforest and other Envato marketplaces would fit in well?

  • The Key

    I’d love to see a great round-up of vectorized icon packs, e-books and great stock photos sites.

    Cheers! :D

  • Tim


  • John

    Awesome! Expect to see Joomla templates on the next bundle :)

  • really great. pick me pls…

  • ZaF

    Would love more admin themes, textures and the hosting packages for us developers :)

  • Nice bundle, come to momma :)

  • Lissa

    Nice bundle! More WP Themes!

  • Awesome.
    Hopefully for the next bundle we get a vector program, pixelmator and something like an iStockPhoto coupon for several pictures.

    I also want that coupons for memberships get to be for existing clients, not only new ones.

  • Well… Sure i want to see more things related to wordpress. A few themes would be nice… A couple of themes for tumblr would be nice too… i hope i win ;)

  • I would really like to see Parallels or 1Password on the next bundle.

  • sun_

    more premium WP Themes and some nice fonts :)

  • eros paoli

    would like to see times and pixelmator

  • That Guy

    Get some Basecamp Discounts. :)

  • cady

    VoodooPad, Ember, and DrawIt would be great.

  • I whould like to see some great ecommerce photoshop templates.

  • i like it’s theme. do u have any other templates for wordpress?

  • Hiya – how about some cool CDN accounts (for at least two years – haha) or some other premium hosting services, domain vouchers (always nice), definitely some stuff from the Envato network, premium fonts license… Looking forward to bundle numero 3.. Cheers GWD

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