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Make Horizontal Accordion with Easy Accordion Plugin

Posted · Category: GPL License, Menu, MIT License

Easy Accordion plugin will get your definition lists (DTs) and generate a nice and smooth horizontal accordion. You can then decide to make it a timed slideshow or leave it still.

Easy Accordion plugin keeps the HTML to the minimum, is SEO friendly and fully accessible, uses the CSS rotation to rotate the slide titles (no need for images), works in all the major browsers, allows for autoplay, it’s opensource and fully customizable and, what count most, it’s free! And it has been tested on Firefox 3.5+, IE6/7/8, Safari 5+ and Google Chrome.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://www.madeincima.eu/samples/jquery/easyAccordion/
License: MIT, GPL License

  • Love this horizontal accordion. I have used a vertical one, but i think this one is great. and browser friendly. Thanks.

  • Assuming the boxes could be of any size, this is an excellent tool to save space on a web page.

    Just thinking of an e-commerce site that I saw being worked on where I work at Creare Design, this jQuery would really benefit the entire navigation. Even if it was just to put across some important information over more substantial content, I believe people would, if only for the interest of seeing it work, play with the accordion slider, hence achieving its purpose.

    The only issue it might have, purely from just looking at it now and not knowing the exact ins and outs of the coding, is that it may (and I stress MAY) not pass CSS validation tests and/or have problems on cross-browser platforms. Other than that, and if it doesn’t have any issues, it’s an excellent tool, beautifully designed.

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