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bMap jQuery Plugin for Google Maps

Posted · Category: GPL License, Maps

The bMap jQuery Plugin allows you to quickly and easily add mapping to your website. It has been designed from the beginning to handle lots of markers, lots of layers, and custom marker icons. The plugin can manage a sidebar for you, one with a list of markers, one with a list of layers. The sidebars can be styled with CSS.

The internal Google object is exposed, so you can continue to use all of the power of the Google Maps API. You can also access the internals of the bMap object. The prerequisites of the plugin are jQuery and google maps. You will need to obtain your own Google API Key.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://www.blocsoft.com/bmap/
License: GPL License

  • Marc

    This looks like a great extension, fantastic work! I’m excited to get stuck into it!

  • galechus

    Looks good…

  • I’ve just started using this script for a project and it’s the best google maps jquery plugin I could find to fit my needs.

  • Tersus Visual Programming also has a nice way to integrate Google Maps api into web applications, check this out:

  • Sahan

    Awesome! Thank You

  • A very good plugin, thanks for the share.

  • I’ve aloof started application this calligraphy for a activity and it’s the best google maps jquery plugin I could acquisition to fit my needs.

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