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35 Best Free Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

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It will take an awful lot of effort on Google’s part to tear most web developers away from their beloved Firefox, but with the number of web-developer-friendly extensions for Chrome on the rise, developers in increasing numbers are giving Chrome a try and some of them are not looking back.

Chrome’s faster than Firefox, uses less CPU and comes with built-in Developer Tools (accessible by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I). Even if you’re not ready to abandon Firefox yet, make sure you give Chrome a chance with the outstanding extensions below. Chrome’s improving rapidly and early adopters will benefit most.

1. MeasureIt!

Totally straightforward, MeasureIt! lets you draw a ruler so that you can measure the pixel width and height of any element online.

2. Pendule

Pendule provides a veritable smorgasbord of valuable developer tools to help with style sheets, JavaScript, forms, images, accessibility and much more.

3. BuiltWith Technology Profiler

BuiltWith profiles the webpage you’re looking at, exposing all the technologies used therein.

4. Flashblock

With Flashblock, Flash elements on a website are replaced by placeholders, which can be clicked on individually to load the Flash content.

5. Lorem Ipsum Generator

Use this extension to randomly generate lorem ipsum text. It’s as simple as that.

6. iMacros for Chrome

As a web developer, you’ll end up repeating the same actions over and over again. Record these actions as iMacros to save yourself valuable time. Great for filling out web forms.

7. Xmarks Bookmarks and Password Sync

Xmarks is the best tool at your disposal for backing up and syncing bookmarks. Use it to sync across computers and different browsers. 163,569 users can’t be wrong.

8. goo.gl URL Shortener

Google URL Shortener takes long URLs and makes them smaller for easier tweeting and emailing. Use this extension to incorporate the Shortener into your browser.

9. Aviary Screen Capture

Take a screenshot of a webpage and perform basic editing (crop, resize, rotate) in your browser with Aviary.

10. Snippy

While Aviary is the best at capturing entire webpages, Snippy is ideal for grabbing snippets from sites of interest for research.

11. Ibrii

Some people prefer Snippy; others prefer Ibrii, which is another excellent extension for capturing snippets of pictures, text and videos. Try both and see which one’s right for you.

12. PlainClothes

PlainClothes “unstyles” the websites you visit, colour coding specific elements for accessibility and educational purposes.

13. Firebug Lite

An absolute must have extension for web developers. Use it to inspect HTML elements and live edit CSS properties.

14. IE Tab

Use IE Tab to view websites in Internet Explorer while using Chrome.

15. Eye Dropper

Pick any colour from any webpage using this terrific tool.

16. TooManyTabs

Having too many tabs open at once can cause serious confusion and major errors. Clean up your online working environment with TooManyTabs, which makes it possible to clearly see all the tabs you’re using.

17. Session Manager

Session Manager saves your internet session, including all open tabs and windows, for you to come back to. It’s another good one for developers who are a little too “tab-happy”.

18. Chrome Sniffer

The aptly named Chrome Sniffer enables users to inspect the CMS and JavaScript library running on a page. Over 50 different kinds are detectable.

19. Web Developer

You get a whole new toolbar full of web developer goodies when you install this extension.

20. Shareaholic

The first step on the path to recovery from “shareaholism” is admitting you’ve got a problem. The next step is installing Shareaholic for Chrome which makes sharing webpages via Facebook, Twitter and email etc really, really easy.

21. FastestChrome

With over 10 million users, chances are you’ve heard of FastestFox, which speeds up your Firefox browsing experience. FastestChrome is essentially the same thing, but (you guessed it!) for Chrome.

22. Validity

Once installed, you can click on the Validity icon in the address bar to validate your HTML documents without even leaving the page.

23. LastPass

This one’s great for everyone, not just web developers – you can use LastPass to securely store and manage all of the passwords that you use online.

24. Google Tasks

Essentially a to-do list built into your browser, Google Tasks is another extension which is useful for everyone.

25. Chrome SEO

Chrome SEO provides Chrome users with a suite of handy SEO tools. It’s the most popular SEO extension available.

26. Resolution Test

Change the size of your browser to see how websites fare at different resolutions.

27. Speed Tracer

Using Speed Tracer, you can pinpoint and solve speed-related issues with you web apps.

28. Picnik Extension for Chrome

Picnik is one of the best free online image editors out there and now it’s available as a Chrome extension.

29. Chrome Flags

Chrome Flags tells you the physical location of the website you’re viewing by displaying the appropriate national flag.

30. WebEdit

WebEdit’s a superb extension for killing time while experimenting with your developer skills. Use it to edit (non-permanently, of course) any webpage you like.

31. Domain Availability Checker

Checking the availability of domains online is pretty easy, but if you do it regularly you can really benefit from this extension, which runs the necessary checks in secs.

32. SEOQuake Lite

SEOQuake Lite displays the PageRank and Alexa rank of the website you’re viewing in the bottom right of your Chrome browser window.

33. Site Geo IP Locator

Click on the Site Geo icon and the IP address of the current website you’re viewing is revealed. This can then be located on a proper map.

34. Google Mail Checker Plus

Not only can you use Google Mail Checker to see what’s inside your Gmail inbox without navigating away from your current webpage, you can preview messages: deleting, marking as spam or reading as appropriate.

35. SEO Analysis Tool

SEO Analysis Tool picks apart the SEO characteristics of any webpage, providing you with detailed information about meta tag listings, keywords found in anchor tags and URLs found in the page, amongst other things.

About the Auhor

James is a writer and designer who works for an online supplier of toner cartridges where he reviews and analyses hardware such as the MLT-D1082S as well as posting on their advertising and design blog.

  • Hello, very usrful thanks… and just to let u know, images of this post didn’t show correctly in the feed. it’s appear broken there.

    see ya !

  • I’ve been using ChromeMUSE to shorten links, includes practically every link shortener out there https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/digfdjelalmeldlplgcapchelgnlkomc

  • TFR

    There is another good URL Shortener chrome extension.
    It’s Clicker. https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/oonhhnhddmkflmkhoekflgloclaedocn

    You can just select, for example, article title on a page and call the extension, all this(text and short url) will be copied into the clipboard.

  • My list of Chrome plugins installed:
    LastPass – centralized password storage,
    Readability – makes reading from screen easier
    Delicious Tools – to share bookmarks accross multiple computers
    Google Reader Minimalistic – maximizes screen estate in Google Reader, a “must have” for netbooks
    Proxt Switchy – use different proxies for each site (in case you would like to listen to Pandora outside US using US based proxy)

  • great post off to use seo chrome thanks

  • Babu

    Good Post.

  • great post thanks

  • dbxgraphics

    Personally I prefer Awesome Screenshot over Aviary Screen Capture. It’s faster and by default it has a higher resolution.

  • Nishant

    Great post very useful, thanks

  • Nice collection! I also use Pendule (http://goo.gl/xqZy) witch is really similar to WebDeveloper.

  • Thanks for sharing these Chrome Extensions.

  • Markus


    if u use Pendule you not need MeasureIt. Click in Pendule on Display Ruler ;)

    BTW: Nice list

  • I found your inclusion of these Chrome Extensions puzzling:

    7. Xmarks Bookmarks and Password Sync
    – Chrome already does a bookmark sync across computers running Chrome. Just check it in the Chrome settings at Google Chrome Options > Personal Stuff > Sync
    – To sync passwords, use LastPass, which you listed at number 23.

    13. Firebug Lite
    – Why use Firebug Lite when all that functionality and more is already available in Chrome by default through the built-in Developer Tools.

    14. IE Tab
    – Heresy.

  • dominicd

    The Plugin that didn’t make this list and should be the #1 top plugin would be the Web Of Trust plugin https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/bhmmomiinigofkjcapegjjndpbikblnp

    This plugin is one of the most useful plugins. Blocking access to known scam/malware and other such websites by blocking any thing from loading until a user selects to go into a site deemed as dangerous. This plugin also allows for those overnight sites that popup with dangerous code in it to be blocked.

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  • Mapo
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  • Serj Uyan

    Hey, there is one extension, Magic Inputs Filler, that you should try if u really work with forms. It helps to go through it. Here is it: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dgchjemniofpmdkgnoejdkgomjldfgmh

  • Wow, searching too long for a good Firebug Extension for Chrome. Thanks a lot :)

  • Sam

    You forgot about WebRank SEO
    WebRank SEO provides Google Pagerank, Alexa, Compete and Quantcast Rank, pages indexed and backlinks in Google, Bing and Yahoo. It also provides whois information and traffic graphs for the domain.

  • The whole collection is useful for every web developers including me.

  • I think a more complete list for developers can’t be ever created. You guys have searched almost the entire plugins directory for chrome. I truly love this post. Thanks.

  • Great collection, I will surely find a use for some of the extensions, thanks!

  • Rob

    Here’s an extension I created to work with forms while doing a lot of AJAX calls, view and edit form data within the Chrome Developer tools.


  • rocky_777

    SimpleFill is also a great plugin for chrome which enables you to fill forms just like in Opera browser – https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/simplefill/pjdkmeabgpggjenaichdfjhdckcejjik

  • I’m a blogger and a web dev as well…I’ve been using Google URL shortener and iMacro Extension and both of them are equally good in their respective ways…I use iMacros to do the routine tasks by writing some code and looping it…I’ve found here some amazing extensions too…surely will give a try to them..

    I’ve found some more useful chrome extensions here.. I hope u like them..

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