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Giveaway 1 x Custom Logo Design By LogoBee

Posted · Category: Announcement

LogoBee creates logo designs for all types of businesses all over the world. They have a logo design team of professional graphic designers, working to provide your organization with the most unique, and modern company logo. At their design company they combine all their logo designer skills to provide you with a custom logo design which will portray your company’s philosophy.

You can choose from 6 to 8 different logo design samples. You will receive a complete logo design kit including vector and common file types. Lifetime logo design and stationery file support are provided as well. You can take a look at the logo design they have done in the past within portfolio.

LogoBee is very kind to giveaway 1 x Custom Logo Design to our readers. Simply leave a comment and tell us what you are going to use the Logo for. We will pick 1 lucky person and announce the winners on 29th August. What are you waiting for?


  • Darryll

    I am currently working on a revolutionary idea for a social media game and I know the skills of these designer will be able to provide me, (the sole programmer), with a great advantage over any other competition with a memorable logo.

  • I am starting a SEO/PPC/Analytics company focused on small business. I have limited initial capital and a professional logo will help me promote my fledgling business.

  • nauris

    I’m photographer and I’m looking for a logo for my web. I have created one by myself, but I know that PROs can do it better. Thanks!

  • I want to start a Estonian web portal (tutorials, news, forum and so on…) with the main targeting on IT, web, design and programming. Domain name would be MyStyle.ee :) – In Estonia there aren’t any good portals on those subjects.

    So guys help me out ! :)

  • I am working on an idea for a Tool Finder. The place to go for finding best practice web-related tools.
    It will feature easy comparison and voting options.
    Domain is bought (http://toolfinder.biz), and prototype, built on Silverstripe web framework is under development.
    Now I only need the logo!

  • Dries

    I am launching a Dutch cooking site on the 1st of January, a professional logo would be great !

  • Antonio Stoilkov

    I want a logo that will be universal for different kind things. For example I want like School Master and Game Master. Something that can be used in all sorts of products.

  • i have started a new company which will be providing sms marketing services to different companies. we will be providing different packages according to scale of the company and promotions. i will use the logo for that company that is smsbuzz.

  • Gael

    That’s cool ! We are developping a new software and we need to create a logo for it. I’m sure this team can create a great logo for us.

  • I would use the logo for my “natural products” (dried herbs, dried fruits, fruit jam etc.)

  • pat

    could really use this logo for my new shop!

  • Christofer

    I am working on a project idea (workname WebHub) about a web service extracting information from a users social web services, feed reader and other data sources, and then display information in new ways that current aggregator services doesn’t.

  • This is very cool context! This is perfect for my small software house.

  • Hbiloo

    I’m currently working on an idea for a Dutch social media site. I’ve already made a logo for this project, but as a developer, my design skills are not great.
    A professional logo will be great!

  • I’ve been looking for a orginal logo for my website about Colombia.

  • Im developing a website/ forum for an exclusive town in the united kingdom. I need a logo to represent the website that stands out and has the innovative edge that LogoBee provide.

  • RB

    Looking for an alternative logo for my music web app.

  • I’m currently working on a Windows Phone 7 application and need a logo for, I have zero design skills and need the professional help by a company like LogoBee.

  • Leaving a comment

  • i’m trying :)

  • Boris

    I’ll use the logo for a new service consisting in marketing Geek businesses

  • Bob

    I would like to have a Logo for a small very exclusiv web application development and web hosting company.

  • xerronas

    I need logo for my personal website, i hope you can help me

  • I need a logo for me. Because I’m bored with the old one.

  • Lafriks

    I need a logo for my own future company :)

  • shymont

    Hey, my logo would be for a friend’s blog about artisanal jewerly. She would like a cat in front of a moon.

  • I’m starting a company and professional logo would be great :)

  • My band needs a new stunning logo after 10 years… the old one is really really bad.

  • Hi,
    I’m a webdesigner and would to create my own super porfolio with your cool logo :)

  • I was born in Africa and emigrated to Europe 17 years ago.

    A few years ago I registered the url botoka.com.

    Botoka means better in Setswana. At the time the url was created for a book review site i.e. making books better. This site never materialized, as there was no market for it.

    Botoka now however has become my “link” with Africa. It now represents my African soul.

    I will use this logo to represent me.


  • Ripplestrip.com.au

    I will use the logo for my site, a motorsports magazine devoted to the grass roots where all profits go back into helping young up-coming racers get a foot in or sponsor them.

  • Simone

    I would use the logo for my software website, replacing the one I created (I’m a developer, not a designer :-)

  • Have been trying to develop some personal branding for a long time and have come to a solid conclusion… It’s bloody hard to brand yourself.

    Any help would be very much appreciated and would probably save my soul from another year of despair!

  • Phil

    I am in the process of developing an online service to sell ready made websites + additional services (SEO, Networking) and a professional quality logo would just help me invest this money on other required resources.

  • I would love a logo for my site – theskkykid.com. The site focuses on young talents in music in art as well as on movie reviews and picking a good logo its a hard task.

  • ChazUK

    I’d like to have a logo custom designed for a gaming blog that I’m developing. We’re looking to do game, voucher, code giveaways ourselves, but need a good logo!

    The woes of being a developer!

  • Shishant Todi

    LogoBee will help me create a brand reputation because its always the first impression that is left by logo itself.

  • Would use it for my own company. I design websites and found that the hardest thing was to create a logo for myself :)

  • Want!

  • Cool! I would love to get a new logo for my free OpenSource webbased RSS Reader rsslounge (http://rsslounge.aditu.de).

  • I would like to have a new logo for my tutorial website and upcoming book.

    As all this is for free, would be cool to have a free logo.


  • Jer

    I would love to get a new logo for my community website. Cheers :-)

  • Will shortly require a logo for a project called “locality” which is a rapidly growing network of hyperlocal web sites.

  • I would like to have a logo for my sworn translation webpage – unitrad.ro

  • Musa

    I want to have :)

  • Tomee

    It would be brilliant to have some sweet logo for my web development services :)

  • Antonio Garza

    Woooow .. I really want a piece of art like those logos ..

    I’m starting a small business technical support and development of tools and web pages.

    Please ..!

  • Ivo

    I’ve just started my own company and a custom logo made by professionals would be a great benefit for me and building my brand.

  • spinx

    Me, pick me!

  • David Rubin

    About to launch a new website and would love the pros to redesign my lame attempt at a logo.

  • My Dad just launched his new TMD practice which focuses on fixing oral-facial pain and sleep apnea. I’m the designer of his website at http://midhursttmd.com but feel he needs a new logo. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Cool ! I would like to have a new logo for my website WorkstationSetups.com. I’m actually did the current one using a free icon and some lettering. That would be great to have a professional logo.

  • Dave

    I (really) need a new clean logo for my webshop of rockclimbing goods !

  • I’m working on a site for finding online fiction (both original and fanfiction) using various mechanisms including collaborative filtering and karma-weighted averaged ratings and, while I’m a good UI designer and HCI specialist, I’m no graphic designer.

  • Colleen C

    I’d love a new logo for my new consulting company. I designed my own logo, and it is very simple – it would be nice to have a professionally designed logo.

  • i would like a logo for my freelance designer site. for “datnatikid designs”

  • We could use the logo to replace the one that I created myself three years ago for our small, young lawfirm. Since our stationary is running out, I was thinking about a professional restyling of our firm anyway…

  • EllisGL

    I just want my own personal logo. =)

  • I’m currently developing an “Information Flow Platform” for the company I’m working for, however my design skill are pretty much lacking and we are looking for some internal branding.

  • Jeff

    We need a logo for our company that organizes events whose aim is to bring on stage great artists. Created in 2010, Freakin’ Beatz is a Belgian concept that offers amazing parties at affordable prices. By the way an impressive light show and an high quality sound will make you dance on the best beats of the electronic scene.

    More info: http://www.boogieproject.be/freakinbeatz


  • Jodi

    I am a new photographer, looking for an image, and this giveaway would be a great way for me to start being known!

  • Neil Holcomb

    Currently working on yet another shipping open source cart, a custom logo would be nice.

  • I’ll be launching my portfolio site in the next 2 months and need a logo, because writing my name in a different font just aint a logo

  • Marco

    We’re about to launch a new colourful shoeline for women using traditional Inca designs from Peru. Still looking for the ultimate logo that will make these boots absolute Ugg killers!

  • ken

    Looking to create a non-profit organization/website that helps get the Word of God into young children. Have a great name and url just wanting a logo to go along with it.

  • My website is 67developer.hu and I would like to request a logo for it, I couldn’t come up with a good idea myself.

  • I’m creating a new company to continue development and marketing of my increasingly-popular Any+Time(TM) DatePicker/TimePicker AJAX Calendar Widget and Date/String Parse/Format Utility (see link). I’m working on a new name for the company (suggestions, anyone?) and will obviously need a great logo to support the brand. I like the clean, powerful designs that LogoBee has on their site and really believe they will be able to create a design that works for me!

  • Jennifer

    I’ll be opening a milk bar.

  • I own http://www.valuevps.co.uk – a fledgling hosting business. Our logo looks somewhat boring and would love to have a professionally designed logo but simply can’t afford it.

  • That would be pretty cool. Can always use a better logo!

  • flow

    I have some plans founding an animal health foundation, that takes care of homeless dogs, cats, … in Asia and I would love to see you design the logo for it!

  • Michele

    I’m a fedora project contributors, I want to donate this logo design to pdfcube software that is looking for a logo.

  • Christian R

    We have developed a rather unique e-learning solution based on prior examinations for medical students, which is in great shape at our local university (2500 Users, 8 million answered questions).

    We’re currently developing v2.0, taking it to the next level using cometd and social awareness, looking for some new looks as well.

  • Hi There! I’ve just started StoryTravellers with two friends of mine. We tell stories that travel. We let ecotourism evolve by telling great stories about beautiful places on this planet and let them travel trough the social media landscape. We create collaborative stories where people can be part of. For this cool project we are looking for a fancy logo!

  • I would like to see how Pulsar Capital would look with a different logo.

  • would love to use the logo for a new start up.

  • We, FantasyPros911.com, are in the process of going through a complete redesign of our site. We resently started our new radio show on SIRIUSXM and with the amount of people the show has generated to our site we feel a professional logo upgrade will allow us to look more, not to sound corny here, but professional.

  • I’m working on a collaboration suite that will revolutionize the way developers work together. The logo is the only graphical element in the entire project, the interface is very simple and minimalistic. So this logo needs to be creative, attractive, and product-describing. Being on a limited budget we thought of making a simple text-only logo, but this is a great opportunity :)

  • Gary

    A good logo can go a long way to success.

  • Alex

    I would use my logo either for a new project or my current one, a local social network.

  • I would use tho logo for my new starting web company. :)
    But as far as I know, I have never won anything so… :D

  • Hi,

    I would use the logo for my youth organisation called Chiro Gust. It’s something like the Scouts, but then only in Belgium. THe logo will be on the new website I’m currentle developing.

  • I have several websites in the works that i could use this for. The hard part? Picking the project for the professional logo! LOL Never used a professional logo company this would be an awesome opportunity!

  • Jim Cook

    I would use it for my own company. I freelance small web projects. I’m very good at building sites and apps but not so much identity.

  • Ivan Dikov

    Hi there!

    I’m start-up enterpreneur in the IT domain. I’ve just establish a company, very proud of the name chosen. But somehow I don’t want the logo of the company to be just the name in some fancy font. I want to be something wicked cool, that not only will grab the attention of everyone who will see it, but to brand the company’s products as quality ones.

    Wish you luck with your initiatives!

  • Andrew Stewart

    I would love to use a new logo in our website redesign.

  • Hi,
    I will use it for my BLOG, i have a blog on technology inspired from webappers.

    My blog name is Dexterology

  • Kirk

    Just started my own development company, and would love to have a professionally designed logo :) Thanks Logo Bee!

  • I have a new gaming startup that I’ve actually put on hold because I’m not the best logo designer out there. I also can’t fit it into my budget so I pushed my project’s launch date back by a month :3.

  • I would love to give my wife a new logo for her Photography Studio. One that represents her cool, fresh portrait photography.

  • I have built a website for a non-profit organization. They are looking into designing a modern logo to replace the one they have used for years. LogoBee’s services would help us take our organization into the future with an iconic design.

  • Zed3

    Will use it to replace my existing company logo

  • Josh Lewis

    My friend and I are putting together a team to open a photography studio next March. Would love to have a logo for our business.

  • Danni

    I’m working on my pet project at my free time, which is a web application. And i dont have any logo yet so this is a rare and great opportunity to have one :)

  • Giancarlo

    Discoverytech.it. I don’t know how to make this logo. Help me. The site will provide to the people real solution to make the best chooise in the world of PC. Make green pc, cloud computing, Internet application. Idea for home and office.

  • Keith

    Just started a company and need a logo for first product.

  • I have a simple flash online game that needed a new fresh logo. I spent some time to fix the php code and havent time to create a cool logo.

  • Need a great logo for a new web design & development company. Nothing I make fits to what really defines creativity as a web design.

  • stamba

    I’m developing software for chemistry students. It is an electronic tutor for various subjects for students from which they will be able to prepare complete exams.
    I’m struggling with a logo design, because I’m a programmer not a designer. I can program almost everything, but I can’t design a logo.

  • Santiago

    I could totally use a new logo for the social pet website im working on!

  • Brandon

    I would to give it to my wife she is starting a software/web development company and in September she was going to start looking for a company to do a logo for her, I would love to give it to her as a surprise before she started looking.

  • Nik

    awesome stuff!! I’ve got a few new web projects on the go that I’ve been wanted to get lifted from the ground, and a new logo would really help it get started!!

  • I’m working on a mixtape building and sharing site which desperately needs a logo!

  • I’ve got a small business called paprikadesign, I already have a logo, created by myself but like to have a more professional logo.

  • Andreas Pilavakis

    I am starting a company and i would love to make a huge impact with a professional logo

    Thank you

  • A really awesome giveaway. I would like to use the logo for my webdesign business. I still haven’t got a logo for my site :/

  • JM

    I’d like a great logo for my webradio project !

  • CJRolo

    I need a Logo for my Waterpolo team!

  • We have a logo for our web company which have different web projects (open-estate.com wich is a plateform for pme, skill cms wich is a cms and a web invoice system). Our logo passed in the hand of different designers but was never wath we really want. This logo would normally be put in each project and clients realisations footer.

  • Paul Tarling

    We’re currently in the midsts of creating a brand-new “Social” recipe site. We’ve got lots of exciting features planned, and development has begun. But, we’re currently lacking a logo – the use of a free, professionally designed logo would be fantastic!

  • Will use for my new website

  • galechus

    I need logo for my company.

  • I’m launching my personal brand site, jasonmcvearry.com I have a new, specific “brand” of marketing called Fingergun Marketing I will focus on in the blog portion of the site..Doesn’t that sound awesome?

    I mean..FINGERGUNS!

    BANG BANG lets do it!

  • Tekk

    I would use this professional logo for my music production team, (The Brand) we work with mid-high level artists, and music producers in multiple genres such as pop, hip hop, and rnb. It would be a great promotional tool and would allow us to portray our philosophy with the rest of the world!

  • I used LogoBee for a client project and they did excellent work. I work with a non-profit group that could use a professional logo.

  • cemtex

    i need a new logo for my uber webdeveloper skills as a freelancer !
    (pretty please ..?)

  • I’m going to use it for a contest site :)

  • Here’s one you haven’t heard yet. A San Francisco Bay Area based Document Shredding Company that is currently without a logo.

  • Martijn R.

    I’m currently building a music community specially for Rock music. I have some great ideas on paper, which you can’t find on the interweb. A custom logo would be very very very nice!

  • Anestis

    I’m programmer and I’m looking for a logo for my web. I have created one by myself, but I know that PROs can do it better. Thanks!

  • I am a developer more than a designer. I just finished college in May and since I can’t seem to get a job I am working on going freelance. The log that I cannot seem to get out of my head onto the computer is holding me back since I need the logo to finish up the rest of the content.

  • Michael

    I’am starting a wedding service company for my wife.

  • I’d use it in all promotional materials for my band, thinksobrain, including the website, concert fliers, and album covers.

  • Marc

    I am currently doing a pro-bono project and am designing & developing a website for a community network. I am not a creative designer at all and can only relate to general interface design to accompany my development techniques. The community website is in dire need of a face lift and a professional logo is exactly what it needs. With an impressive portfolio such as LogoBee, theres no doubt in excellence and design! Please pick us.

  • Yes, I want one. I want to use it for a restaurant directory website.

  • Greetings,
    I would appreciate the design for me )) I have a software website that provides tools to build lyrics website – LyreScript.com. It would be great to have a logo that mixes music lyrics and software. You have an impressive portfolio. Thanks in advance

  • OMG! I really need a new logo for my website… i hope this is the right way ;-)

  • Parker

    I need professional logo for my upcoming iphone app. Gimmie, gimmie gimmie!

  • Phil

    I’m in too :) I’d need a new logo for my travel-related website so this giveaway comes right on cue!

  • Ril

    I will use logo for my comapny.

  • I’m a church webmaster and I’m looking for a logo for our church

  • mrAwake

    something tight for a new startup

  • Isaak Iordanidis

    Good luck!!!

  • I’m in the proccess of updating my website (it’s a forum for my college) and I’m trying to make a new design, and I suck for in logo design.

  • I’m working on a Murder Mystery Party site that people can download plots and kits to host their own Murder Mystery Dinner Party.

  • Thanks for the giveaway! I’d use the logo for the orphanage ministry website that I’m working on:)

  • I’m looking for a professional logo for my next project

  • I am going to use this logo for a new mashup : a global websites connector.
    URLs : gotlogin.com & gotlog.in

  • Kirk

    I would love a professional logo for my motorcycle safety company. :)

  • MVos

    I’m starting my first own business in e-commerce and am currently looking for someone to make me a logo. And now I found this!

  • i’m trying to redesign the logo for my site … i’d sure love some help!

  • I need a logo for my ecommerce app ! The name is brOz !

  • Cody Lambrecht

    I’ll start off with some background information about myself and then transition into what I’d be using the logo for.
    I’m a twenty-two year old male that is currently going to college for a handful of degrees. I’m currently going for my PHD in Accounting, Masters in Business, and Bachelors in Architecture and Engineering. I have a handful of businesses I’m going to be starting up over the next decade or so. They range from a vehicle customization shop, to a non-profit software company (Which I have created already…), to a non-profit so I can give back to my hometown among other towns that need things for the young crowd to stay entertained and refrain from drugs and other illegal activities, to a couple different online businesses that haven’t been created yet, to next generation home automation and design. So as you can tell I have a pretty full plate and any money I have is poured into materials for prototypes and college. I would most likely use this logo for one of the online businesses that currently has a worldwide market and is growing each day, but there’s no website that has tapped into this resource until mine of course.

  • Ian

    We need a logo for a site we’re developing at http://bikingsuperstore.com – could be interesting

  • The logo I currently for my photography website was “designed” by myself. And I want to replace this with a professional one. So please help :D

  • Danie

    I need a professional logo for my company

  • DoZ

    I’d really like to have a logo for a Bio-Gas/Electric company

  • Thomas

    I´m in the process of starting up a small business. I design furniture with the use of old drawers. A good logo is a must have for such business.

  • Sameera

    Want a log for a startup I’m trying to jump start :)
    My birthday’s on August 29th, btw… (hint, hint ;) ;)

  • Azulalnacer

    I open my website on September, I need your logo!

  • i need a professional logo for my internet radio .. let’s try

  • Francisco Blanchart

    I want to go feelance to generate extra earnings with my web accessibility and usability consultancy services

  • These is very useful blog.logobakers offers a quality web service that includes Custom Logo Design, professional and affordable logo design services for Start-Ups and Small Businesses.

  • Ghofrani

    I want a unique logo design for my company

  • Sameera

    @TheLogobrakers: I’ll never get a logo done by an unethical business like yours which resorts to spamming to gain business.

  • I’m going to use it for an upcoming web app I’m coding right now aiming to connect users with events. But more important I’ll use it to show how cool LogoBee logos are :)

  • Mike

    Show me what you got for my new e-commerce project! ;)

  • various collection of logo!!

  • Anh Quyen

    any beauty

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