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Highly Customizable Javascript ColorPicker with 4 Sizes

Posted · Category: Color Schemes, GPL License

JavaScript ColorPicker is a light weight all-rounder (only ~46k incl. all 16 files) that can display and let you choose the entire color palette (~16.78 mil. colors) in 6 different color modes (+3 extra modes in RGB).

This highly customizable and easy to install app comes in 4 different sizes (from 151 x 87 pixels to 405 x 302 pixels) and therefore different feature levels so you can use it for every supposable cause from ‘easy choice’ to ‘professional determination’. That’s probably all you’ll ever need to let your clients choose the right color.

You’ll also find a lot of extra helpers and smart features like contrast-meter, color-difference-meter, value-slider in input fields, web-smart and web-save button, color memories and much more that can help your clients make the right decision.


Requirements: Javascript Enabled
Demo: http://dematte.at/colorPicker/
License: GPL License

  • Peter

    Hi there,

    there is a new version online. Smaller, faster and more features… and colorPicker is now also available as a Google Chrome Extension with nice features for web developers:


  • SoftMoon-WebWare

    SoftMoon WebWare’s MasterColorPicker™ package delivers five JavaScript™ powered professional quality interactive graphical color-pickers, plus a named-color-table based color-picker framework with seven named-color database files included: Brewer, common, Crayola, HTML, OpenOffice, universal, & X11. Your chosen colors can be returned in the most popular color-space models including hexadecimal-RGB, RGB, HSL, HSB, HCG, or CMYK, or when using named-colors their names can also be returned. The different graphical color-pickers each look at the different available color-spaces in a different way, giving you complete intuitive control over finding the exact color you want. Best of all, you can work with one color-space graphically, while outputting the corresponding conversion value from another color-space.

    check out the ☺ *free* ☺ MasterColorPicker package: delivering all the color you can handle:


    Aloha! and HAVE FUN!

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