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An Approach to Ad Hoc, Linear Dialogue in Realtime

Posted · Category: BSD License, Chat

Anologue is an approach to ad hoc, linear dialogue in realtime. With anologue you can quickly and easily engage in an anonymous (or not) linear dialogue with any number of people (within reason). There is no accounts or installations required. Your “chat room” is created by the time this link loads.

Best of all: Anologue is open source. built with php 5.3.1, using the most non-heinous, totally rad lithium framework, couchdb, jquery, a few other scripts as well as some classy, original and established iconography for ui; all coming together for the conversational goodness you’re about to experience.


Requirements: PHP 5.3, CouchDB, rad-dev account
Demo: http://anologue.com/add
License: BSD License

  • plasmo


  • Very, very nice stuff!

  • Really cool. I mean, it’s not groundbreaking technology but it’s very slick and so extremely easy to use.

    Thanks for the post!

  • jamie

    love this

  • easy to use, but no clue how to setup on my site. I’d love to add to it. Can anyone get me started?

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