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A New Generation of Open Source Shopping Cart Solution

Posted · Category: eCommerce, GPL License

TomatoCart is the new generation of open source shopping cart solution. It is branched from osCommerce 3 as a separate project. As web applications become more and more sophisticated, modern web 2.0 technology such as Ajax and Rich Internet Applications offers significant usability improvements and makes interacting with the web interfaces faster and more efficient. They have compared a lot of frameworks and come to the conclusion that ExtJS is the best framework for TomatoCart.

They completely rewrite osCommerce 3 administration site based on the qWikiOffice project which is a web desktop implementation of the ExtJS RIA framework. Web desktop application mimics user experience of desktop Operating System, offering features and applications similar to a PC environment. So that users can easily start to work with TomatoCart without any difficulty.

One of the core features of TomatoCart is that it allows users to keep several windows open simultaneously, to enable users to work with several modules such as products, customers and orders at the same time.


Requirements: PHP v5.1.6+ (with MySQLi), MySQL v4.1.13+ or v5.0.7+
Demo: http://www.tomatocart.com/index.php/products/store-demo
License: GPL License

  • Dan

    wow! i bet it will only take you half your life to learn the admin section…. next.

  • it has to be better than zen cart. that thing is a POS.

  • Luglio7

    The Admin Panel is trash, imho.

  • I was wondering why anyone is using Ext for such enviroments… and at last! Nice to know there are alternatives for osCommerce and Magento.

  • I’m from TomatoCart team and thanks for your attention of TomatoCart. Any innovation at the very beginning is likely to receive both praise and doubt. Our admin panel has made such a big difference from what already exist in the marketplace and we do consider it as one of central means by which people easily distinguish TomatoCart from other similar shopping carts. We concentrate on offering flexibility and controlability for store management and are still making effort to exploring more. Anyway, it is our hope that more constructive advice be given for better performance.

  • @Joanna Pan: It would be nice to have an option in admin panel to choose wich skin to use: extjs skin or normal skin. I like the design but I dislike the admin panel, it looks ugly for me and it loads slow.

  • Lei

    It is impossible to implement normal skin and extjs skin. As extjs is a rich internet application framework, the GUI is done via JavaScript code instead of HTML code.

    The first loading time for Extjs is slow, but the RIA framework offer great efficiency than traditional admin panel. You only load the page once and do not have to load it again.

  • alex

    Nice design and structure, but why whyyyyy another fork of oscommerce? i really HATE their code architecture, far from being clean and best practices, even in their newest version.

  • I was evaluating it at some point to use in one web application I built. I don’t remember why, but I decided not to use it.

  • I have used them as a new customized and open source really works.

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