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Preview Web pages Across Multiple Browsers and OS

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BrowserLab lets you preview web pages across multiple browsers and operating systems. Accurately pinpoint compatibility issues and compare web pages at a glance to easily identify differences and potential problems. Preview full screenshots with multiple view options and customizable test settings.

You can get a full-view screenshot, even beneath the fold, or compare how your web page looks in two browsers, side by side. With the Onion Skin View, spot discrepancies at a glance by overlaying two screenshots on top of each other. You can focus on specific areas with custom positioning of the screenshots and adjust the opacity from 0–100%.


Source: https://browserlab.adobe.com/en-us/index.html#state=browse

  • Browserlab is certainly a huge improvement on Browsershots.org and it is fantastic that it is included as part CS5.

    However on major problem is still that it does not offer you a way to test ajax, javascript or other interactivity. I would still use MultiBrowserViewer.com, which gives you standalone, virtualized browsers as well as full page screenshots. The standalone browsers allows you to run IE6, IE7 and IE8 alongside each other on the same machine. It also includes 4 Mobile Emulators including an iPhone Simulator for Windows (which I haven’t been able to find anywhere else).

  • Adrian

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t support opera.

  • Funky Dude

    browserlab is not open source, they charge a fee. If you want a good free solution that doesn’t involve virtual machines, try IETester. I use it to test ie6 and it works great.

  • I’m using IETester, but crashes a lot. I’m thinking to go with wmware and have virtual systems for each ie.

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