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jConfirmAction: A jQuery Plugin for Confirmation Box

Posted · Category: GPL License, Popup

jConfirmAction is a jQuery plugin that aims to replace a plain confirmation box with a cute one. This plugin will help you to create a flying bubble confirmation box upside your link. Basically this plugin will create a DIV element that contains confirmation box after your clicked element, then it will appear with fading in and dissappear with fading out.

To create that one you just need to include jConfirmation plugin to your page, create a link, specify a class name, ask jConfirmAction to create a confirmation box and that’s it you have a cute confirmation box.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
License: GPL License

  • What is the benefit of jQuery here ,you can do this using simple javascript.

  • maertsch

    I like it. I’ve added Parameters for the FadeIn and FadeOut animation to control everything better. i thought is was kind of slow with 300ms.

    But is very usefull.
    Why jQuery? why NOT jQuery!

  • Thanks for sharing :)

  • plasmo

    “you can do this using simple javascript”
    yes but some people want a different solution
    in programming there’s always many ways to do one thing because not everyone likes doing it a particular way

    and the benefit is that you can add in multiple buttons for the dialog instead of just the default javascript prompt “ok” “cancel”

  • Rob

    Because of people like you who settle for the default (ugly) solutions, the web and software looks like hell. You should never settle for the simple things, look at Apple, it’s all about user experience.

  • Guest

    dont get me wrong.. but im a beginer.. plz give me the steps in details how to do this :(

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