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dhtmlxGantt Allows You To Create Dynamic Gantt Chart

Posted · Category: Charts, GPL License

dhtmlxGantt is a JavaScript component that allows you to create dynamic Gantt chart and visualize a project schedule in a convenient graphical way. With dhtmlxGantt you can display dependency relationships between activities, show current schedule status with percent-complete shadings and organize the activities into a tree structure.

The component works in all major web-browsers, including IE, Mozilla, Opera, Chrome. You can initialize the chart from XML or through JavaScript API. All the changes made in the chart structure on a web page can be saved back to the server on the fly (in XML form) with a single function call.


Requirements: JavaScript Enabled
Demo: http://dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxGantt/
License: GPL License

  • Bill

    Very nice, thanks for sharing

  • This is very impressive, as with all DHX products. Wondering if there is a comparable fully open-source alternative?

  • Adam

    I have been waiting a long time for a good gantt solution. I can’t wait to try it out

  • Adam

    Actually – taking back my previous comment.

    Jumped the gun a bit and realized its still commercial.

    These guys have some of the most impressive AJAX components I have seen – but am still waiting on an open source / cheaper version that I can incorporate into my own products.

  • I think jsGantt is good alternative and under BSD license instead of GPL


  • Adam

    Ugly though

  • Very nice, thanks for sharing

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