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Giveaway 3 x Professional Licenses of Formstack

Posted · Category: Announcement

Formstack provides organizations with an easy way to build web forms that integrate with their websites without any programming, software, or special skills.

Formstack allows you to add any field type including name, email address, radio buttons, and more. Plus, you can easily drag-and-drop fields to customize web forms to fit your organization’s need. There are some powerful, customized tools that allows you to quickly create almost any type of form imaginable.

Once you have started collecting data with Formstack, you can manage and edit the information online, share data with others in your organization, and even use the API for greater control of the data and integration with your internal database. You can always try their free account and see how easy it is to get started!

Formstack is very kind to giveaway 3 x 12 months Professional Licenses ($348 each) to our readers. Simply leave a comment and tell us what you think about Formstack. We will randomly select 3 lucky people and announce the winners on 25th April. What are you waiting for?


  • vincent

    i love formstack

  • gudleik

    I just love these lotteries,
    and if I’m lucky I might fall in love with Formstack too

  • Staxx

    It’s a really fine way of handling forms for clients, with all the extra options and features you’d ever need.

  • Formstack looks cool, I’d like to give it a try.

  • Mihai P

    I have seen another application that generates webfors, but from what I seen in the presentation movie on the http://www.formstack.com/what-it-does.html, I think it is good application.

  • Formstack is a nice powerfull tool…
    I’ve tested it, an i must say: I never saw a so complex form builder… <3

  • Clean, easy to use interface – a joy to use!

  • RazorD

    Definitely the use of it on twitter!

  • I think it’s a great stuff :)

  • Hi, Great Giveaway

    I love Formstack coz it gives us the possibility to “interact” with our client.

  • This I like. Anything that helps me not code PHP is a good thing.

  • I love tools like Formstack that increase my productivity, allowing me to focus more on creative solutions instead of wasting time coding forms.

  • Jen Perkins

    Formstack sounds great! Conditional logic? Excellent! Go, Formstack!

  • I want it
    I love it
    I need it

  • Creating forms without any programming and software skills is the great feature i must say. There are plenty of web users who love to have a tool like this. i would be very happy if i get this tool to integrate in my blog :)

  • Matiss

    Well, it’s really usefull and amazing and I would really like to have the original license of this.

  • exi

    Formstack seems to be very useful and powerful too. I want it.

  • please do count me in :) Thanks

  • Formstack offers some really cool features. A lot of folks want to build forms but don’t know how. Their product line makes it a snap to build and use powerful forms, often as simply as dragging and dropping controls. How much easier can it get?

  • Formstack is a nice powerfull tool!

  • Would love to win a professional license from Formstack.

  • Pablo Pasqualino

    Seems pretty cool!

  • Tyler

    I’ve never used it, would like to though.

  • Tolls/services that help us to reduce working time is good and Formstack is one them.

  • Formstack looks really Awesome Sauce! Form builder on crack, love it!

  • Collin

    I’ve already tried it and it’s awesome! Definitely would love this one!

  • Although the free account is somewhat limited it seems very promising. It’s very easy to use and has a lot of configuration options neatly packaged together.

    I’d love an opportunity to win a professional version of this software.

  • nventive

    This would be nice… go me :)

  • Santiago

    Sometimes it gets really hard to make an easy going form, Formstack makes life easier!

  • Andro

    I think it’s a great stuff. I use it.

  • Matt M

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a professional version of this software. Forms building can be a pain and is often left to the last minute because of this. It would be great to have a professional solution that enhance the look and functionality of any form I create.


  • Josh oakes

    Froumstack looks awesome and would integrate nicely with my wbsites and blog. I’ve been getting tired or writing all these php codes to mail forum data.

  • Seems easy to use and anything that helps me spend less time coding and more time designing is good in my book.

  • k19s

    Hi, i think Formstack would be really beneficial to me as currently the form on my website are really basic in design and in programming with little or no validation which mean i get a lot missusage on my form and need a quick and hassle-free way of creating forms on my website that will be user friendly. Currently creating and putting forms on my website take a lot of time and sometimes the programming goes wrong, which means it is time consuming as sometimes the form does not work. This is why i believe Formstack, with its great features such as advanced form builder with the ability to export and analyze the data, would be extremely useful to me saving me valuable time. Not only this but with Formstack high security in encrypting forms would mean I will get less missusage on the forms while the information sents is kept private.
    Hope I win a License


  • I’ would like to try it. I think it would be useful for our company too.

  • David Rubin

    This could be a great time saver for us as we build out our new website. While we program in ColdFusion, this could be a substitute for a LOT of logic!

  • Julian Scarfe

    Formstack has done a great job of meeting their competition (wufoo), and doing it with a more appealing, professional style. Look forward to deploying it to clients

  • Henry Yue

    I have downloaded the Formstack for iphone. Now I just need a pro account to manage all my online forms (and ditch Wufoo).

  • I use Formstack in all of my apps for Feedback/Suggestion to improve. The API is frickin awesome & easy to use!

  • Building forms is not the most fun thing to do in a web app, so this should make it better.

  • evdokia roussou

    Formstack seems to be very easy to use and stable.

  • Gary Brown

    Simplicity of use and its professional look are my biggest concerns.

  • Definitely the use of it on twitter!

  • galechus

    Nice and easy…

  • Joe

    Formstack is awesome and easy to use. Loves it

  • Formstack is a great tool for some beginners like me. I need it for my blog. I’ve used some free services, but I felt not very good with them. I’ve read the features of Formstack and really interested in it. Hope that I’m the lucky man.

    Thank you for this giveaway.

  • Would love to get a professional license for our properties! This would be a super useful solution to client surveys, support requests, internal QA, and community communication.

  • This app looks awesome … i’d be glad to use it and recommend it !

  • paul rostorp

    I’ve never really given it a try, but I would really like to. I’ve filled out many forms built with formstack and it always has been simple.


  • paul rostorp

    I’ve never really given it a try, but I would really like to. I’ve filled out many forms built with formstack and it has always been really simple.


  • Steve Robillard

    Formstack makes my life much easier when was the last time you did any kind of web work where a form wasn’t involved. If your like me and specialize in data based applications most of your time is spent creating forms.

  • I use gravityforms on my WordPress site, but would love to give formstack a try (wasn’t it previously formspring?)

  • BoGs

    sounds great hope i can give formstack a try

  • I have a non-profit client this would be ideal for – Formstack’s integration with PayPal would be great for accepting donations through the website.

  • Esteban Presa

    I think that the service its great!, i saw the screenshots and i wanna try it!


  • Well, I have an account with Wufoo and Jotform. I have yet to find a form builder that rocks my world. Is FormStack that app? Hope so!

  • John

    This would help me out a lot for my site, right now I use Wufoo.

  • i was about to start a new website and i dnt have much time to design the forms by my self, few days back on webappers i come to know about the Formstack , then i started exploring the formstack and find it a very handy and effective thing to design my forms in no time. i will be using the formstack on my new website.

    thanks for this handy product. keep it up!

  • Formstack’s great, Thank you for this giveaway.

  • Great usability and time saving, I join the litery !

  • Marco

    Woooow !!!
    I urgently need Formstack to give it to all people asking me to build forms to put on our intranet. I’m a programmer not an HTML slave. With Formstack they could build their forms on their own and if it’s really as simple as it looks like I will not need to even teach them how to use it !!!

  • Formstack looks great, I’d love to give it a try.

  • Abhijit Dutta

    Trying my luck… hehe! Anyway, great works fellows, keep up.

  • yakin works

    I could soooooooooooo use this. Good luck to everyone!!

  • I’ve used Formstack on a client’s website – it’s extremely easy to setup and customize…way better then WuFoo

  • Kneeland Aicos

    Very interesting… I would like to use this.

  • I just signed up and tried it…it is really good. Nice interface, nice options for users to customise their forms without having to reload the page a bunch of time.

    great job overall. Especially with the preset forms. Helps a great deal. I can only see it growing from here. Good luck.

  • Marc

    Looks like a really fantastic resource! Have to love the awesome interface and especially, above all the simplicity. I would love a free license!

  • I think it’s a great stuff. I use it.

  • jason dooley

    Looks like a really cool service to have full rights to. I’d be stoked to be onboard with this.

  • Nik

    llooks good. Great clean, simple interface. Great for clients to use.

  • Formstack is simply full-feature online-creating Forms, Web based. It’s like your suitcase with all checks and any-type of form that you never know wen you gonna need it! Plus it has Payments as an options. Google, PayPal…
    It one really unique tool, web based to make it easier for all of us. good luck everyone

  • I saw a political website accepting donations via Formstack (formerly Formspring) and was impressed with how seamless the user experience was.

    Good stuff.

  • Patrick

    We’ve just used Formstack for a client and its been awesome. Super easy to configure and style, slips right into your current design (no-one even knows the form is being hosted elsewhere) and the data it collects is great (including map of where the person who relied was and operating system and browser stats etc). Highly recommended.

  • Robbie Weeden

    I think this may be a great solution for my business. Nice simple interface, and rich in features. Nice work formstack

  • Robbie Weeden

    This would be a great for my business. Nice interface. Good work formstack.

  • Ril

    Formstack is great!

  • Hi Ray,

    Market research is very important in what I do, and I plan to use Formspring to create surveys to help me find out what my audience and potential clients think


  • I’ve used Formstack (spring). Great product.

  • I’m working on a project now which requires the creation of a kinda lengthy form and a few other features that are more advanced than I’ve been able to find in the opensource arena. Formstack has the capabilities I need, though just out of reach using the free version….

  • Steve Booth

    Gave Formstack a whirl before – saved loads of time on a project that had some quite complex forms.

  • shae

    Looks like a great tool, I wonder how much form spring was purchased for?

  • Super! Thanks for this giveaway! Hope to be one of the lucky winners…

  • sam wilson

    Formstack is great. I tried the others and I really need this to complete my site.

  • extraordinary with cool forms safe time for busy developer.

  • Vadym

    Formstack makes the form concept sexier. It saves a lot of time, it solves a need, it is looking great and it is reliable. The best part is the ease of use.
    This is how the new economy tools should look and operate like.
    I like it and would definitely know what to do with the pro license.


  • I have been looking for a solution to my current e- commerce website. I have been spending WAY to much money on programming and this is something i can easily alter on my own. I cannot wait to try it out. The simplicity of formspring and the integration with google checkout is very appealing to me.

  • karen


    I help my church to organise fund raising activities and I came to know about Formstack through your website. I visited the Formstack site to learn more about it and to try out the free plan. Overall i’m very impressed with how easy it was to setup and create a simple but powerful form. This will save me time and let me concentrate on other logistical and administrative matters. I would use Formstack to help me create donation and registration forms for fund raising events. Thank you.

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