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Helps Web Designers Find Lighter & Darker Colors

Posted · Category: Color Schemes

0to255 is a simple tool that helps web designers find lighter and darker colors based on any color. 0to255 cures your color manipulation woes. It’s fun, simple, and a huge time-saver.

Simply pick the color that you want to start with and 0to255 gives you a range of colors from black to white using an interval optimized for web design. Then, just click the variation you want to use and the hex code is automatically copied to your clipboard.


Source: http://0to255.com/

  • Handy tool, thank you ;)

  • It is kind of cool, I especially like the interface, however personally I don’t see any realistic use for it, especially if you already have a graphics program open (I know I for one almost always have photoshop open alongside while designing and coding up the front end).

    The colour picker essentially does the exact same thing, just more in depth.

  • woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow !! excellent!!!

  • Melvin Hillsman

    Personally, I like it. Your efforts are greatly appreciated I’m sure by many. Mr. MacDonald, I’ve heard it said by Dale Carnegie that sometimes it’s best to keep your opinion to yourself, especially when no one is asking. I am sure the creator of this app did not personally email you for your opinion. Some folks do not have Photoshop or may like to just have this as a quick reference. Photoshop does not give you the visual aesthetics that this app has when choosing colors. Because the colors “pop” I believe a designer can better get an understanding of which colors they would like to use. I believe that anyone who takes time to create such an app should be commended and I for one am able to do that as opposed to offering my “two cents”…

  • I love this tool, not only does it provide a quick and easier service to find a colour when I don’t have Photoshop open but the interface is lovely.

  • Thanks for the kind words everyone. I really appreciate it.

  • Roger Huston

    I have photoshop open all the time and I have been looking for a tool like this for A LONG time. I like the equal stops for each color which will make blended gradients much easier.



  • Francisco Blanchart

    This will be in my toolkit forever. A real time saver. Thanks so much, Shaun.

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