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Nurph – Real-Time Chat on Your Website

Posted · Category: Chat, License Free

Nurph puts Real-Time Chat on your website. ‘Nurph’ any URL by entering it in the URL Box, or by using the Bookmark, and Nurph puts a real-time chat on top of the page. There is no installation required. Just enter a URL, promote it and chat.

You can also promote your Nurph URL across the Web, email, Facebook and Twitter. For example, how about linking to Nurph on your Twitter profile? When people visit your Twitter profile, they can click your Bio URL, Login via Twitter, and join your virtual hangout to chat with you in real-time!

Nurph has just launched in public beta testing. You can start Nurphing right away but please note that the service may be subject to change.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://nur.ph/
License: License Free

  • That Guy

    This is pretty neat, messing around with it now. Looks like it could be good for website collaboration with remote clients or something. Actually gives me an idea for another collaboration tool. :)

  • features are good, though the domain url you will use is their url.
    Nurph Said.

  • Hi, i like this website, this is pretty neat. Good Vibes !

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