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Giveaway 3 x Medium Yearly Plan of Vyoopoint

Posted · Category: Announcement

Vyoopoint was born from the need to elegantly and quickly present design work to your clients. It provides a better way to deliver designs (images, video or Flash) and gather notes/comments from the client. With Vyoopoint, uploading and presenting visual material to anyone else is now a snap!

Vyoopoint was designed and built by visual artists, for visual artists, so the interface has been kept to a minimum, which makes sure that the work being presented is what is really going to be noticed by the client. It is easy to use and not cluttered with buttons, panels and unnecessary text. It also keeps all your client work organized by project and version controlled with date stamps so you always know what revision is the most current with a project history at your fingertips.

They do have a Free plan with 1 Active Project with 5 Galleries. It allows up to 75MB with unlimited users and clients. All your files are safe and will remain password protected unless you publish a ‘public’ (not password protected) gallery. It also support Basecamp integration as well.

dsire is very kind to giveaway 3 x Medium Yearly Plan ($288 each) of Vyoopoint to our readers. Simply leave a comment and tell us what you think about Vyoopoint. We will randomly select 3 lucky people and announce the winners on 4th April. What are you waiting for?


  • Great idea! In the past I’ve resorted to quickly coding together a PHP script to do the same thing but it never had the same polish & ease of use as this tool.

  • Danie

    Vyoopoint is a great tool for artists.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • it seems very promising

  • go

    the client review possibility looks very easy and intuitive..and that’s very important to fast the workflow

  • Seems like a great tool. I’ll give it a try. I would love to see something like this bundled with some basic time tracking/invoicing/billing tools.

  • A design firm I work for uses basecamp.. I find It unorganized would love to have vyoopoint to show them how it’s done :-)

  • I really like their look. Definitely for Visual Artist. I could have a very good use of it. Thanks again for lovely Giviawaw as always.

  • IainB

    In my humble vyoo, vyoopoint looks excellent.

    (comments 2.0? ;))

  • Tina Messinger

    I would love to see this integrated with Freshbooks as well maybe by attaching a project to an invoice number?. I’m testing this app with a friend of mine’s website. So far so good…no having to search through email for what’s been said. I really think this will work for my clients who love to write 8000 emails each detailing a separate request. :)

  • Larry

    I would love to use vYoopoint! Looks like a great tool. :)

  • hi, webappers is doing really great.. i loved all your giveaway. I havent used vyoopoint yest but i am very much eager to try it out so please do count me in. :)


  • k19s

    Hi, i think Vyoopoint is an excellent service, as i have a lot of clients and need an efficient way of presenting my ideas and work to them, which can save me valuable time. Currently the presentation of my work could be more organized and elegantly presented and this is why i believe Vyoopoint would be a great service towards my work. Not only this but a really useful feature of Vyoopoint which will benefit me is the client review as it will allow my clients to review my presentation in a clear manner, hope i win one


  • Santiago

    I totally would like that… Vyoopoint its the really meaning of Web 2.0!

  • It Should be a great! app. Very existing to use it.

  • Vyoopoint Rocks!!!!

  • Jens Lindberg

    Real nice app. I hope I win this time :-)

  • yey – realy nice ap

  • ChoX

    Great application, very user friendly.

  • Cuppy Tech, LLC

    I have a free plan and have been evaluating Vyoopoint. I Like the functionality and would sure love a free account. Thanks Vyoopoint and Webappers for the chance!

  • This looks like a great alternative to the other design focused project mgmt tools. The best one I have seen so far besides notable app which I really like cause it includes an SEO view. As I start my new web business this would be great to add to the arsenal.

  • Sam

    Our team has been looking for a simple, elegant solution to interacting with clients. Keeping things simple enough for the client and powerful enough for the project is a fine balance. Vyoopoint looks like it could be just what we need.

  • Nik

    Looks great! Nice clean UI. Would be happy to show my clients work with Vyoopoint!

  • Leanne

    I work as a graphics designer and have to produce solutions to communicate my clients’ messages with high visual impact. I need to be creative, have up-to-date knowledge of industry software and adopt a professional approach to time, costs and deadlines. I have to manage more than one design brief at a time and need to allocate the relevant amount of time according to the value of the job.

    I find that I am constantly under heavy pressure and sometimes tend to deviate from thinking creatively to produce new ideas and concepts. I tried out Vyoopoint briefly and believe that it can help me to organise my work more efficiently, save time and focus more on the creative process.

    I like all the features that Vyoopoint has to offer in terms of achieving my client’s objectives through better productivity and efficiency. Vyoopint has a well balanced and systematic structure to facilitate better communication and faster response to client feedback.

    I would not hesitate to recommend Vyoopoint as a viable solution to aid the designer. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Vyoopoint is a great tool for designers.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Federico

    Looks like an indispensable tool!

  • As a one man shop I found this to be a very imressive tool for making myself look more professional.

  • Great app! I hope I win, Thanks

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