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jPhotoGrid – Zoomable jQuery Image Gallery

Posted · Category: Gallery, MIT License

jPhotoGrid takes a simple list of images and captions and turns it into a grid of photos that can be explored and zoomed. Nearly all of the styling for this plugin is done in css. The trick is to layout the grid by floating the list items. The first thing the plugin will then do, is convert these all to absolutely positioned. This is what allows the plugin to zoom in on an individual image and then return it to its place.

The javascript is easy enough to set up.  It needs to know the sizing of the thumbnails as well as the sizing and positioning of the zoomed image.  This is how the plugin is able to zoom and restore each of the images.  Note that you can also change the active and selected classes by setting them using the ‘activeClass’ and ‘selectedClass’ options.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.newmediacampaigns.com/files/posts/jphotogrid…
License: MIT License

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