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Start a Custom Logo Design Contest at LogoMyWay

Posted · Category: Information

Do you need come unqiue custom designs? LogoMyWay aims to connect clients needing design work such as Custom logo designs, T-shirts designs, Business cards designs and more to a thriving community of talented logo designers exploding with creativity.

You can take a look at the Logo Design Portfolio. Currently, there are 70 – 400+ custom logo designs you can choose from. You can also start a logo design contest within minutes for as little as $200.00. Three simple steps and your design contest goes live. You will see amazing logo designs within hours. There are hundreds of creative logo designers in over 100 countries waiting to create your logo design.

You will receive Industry Standard Vector Logo Files that can be used in almost any application you choose. You will also get a free legal contract giving you 100% full legal ownership of your new logo design. Best of all, if your logo contest doesn’t receive at least 40 logo concepts, they will refund your payment no questions asked. What are you waiting for? Get a custom logo design at LogoMyWay now.


Source: http://www.logomyway.com/

  • pesh2000

    Very disappointed to see you linking to a spec design site. Speculative design is awful for both the client and the designer.

  • Non-Spec Worker

    Just say NO to SPEC WORK.


  • Sutherland

    This is spec work, which is highly frowned upon in the design community. http://www.no-spec.com/

  • Todd Budnikas

    In agreement with the sentiments above. Was sad to see this show up in my inbox this morning.

  • I agree with what’s been said here so far: I’m very disappointed to see a quality site like WebAppers promote a spec work logo design scheme.

    I’d like to ask that you please remove this post and get back to the typical quality content that you usually present.

  • 2 sides of the coin I guess… While some people, especially small companies in the west (like Norway) will at first glance see this as a great opportunity to get some real cheap work done to make a quick buck it defies work ethics, I agree.

    As an example I develop a webshop and CMS system, and it’s kinda strange competing against templates from template monster and such sites like this. Many customers gets the feeling that a good website is worth $50 – $100 bucks. Combine that with joomla or zen cart and you may build your empire on $100! Heck, my hourly fee is $100. Usually $100 bucks in our country is not even enough to make me acquainted with the customer – not to say being able to create a complete website and understanding what the customer needs or want… Surely there are countries where $100 goes much further, but I suspect this is not usually the case.

    It’s like pissing in your pants to keep warm using theese services.

    Such sites like this undermine the great effort many people put into CSS, javascript and graphics in general. We are mostly (I believe) professionals and hobby enthusiasts in here – building a brand or business from sites like this is really the wrong way to go.

    Anyone in here fancy making a website or logo, and if you are lucky you might earn $150?

  • The other side of the coin….

    Also, I might add, we don’t seem to mind cheap keyboards assembled in china by child labour… Atleast that’s what we are buying. Who wants an american assembled iphone? Looking at the price there is a reason the cost is so low.

    Maby we just need to adapt to the environment – the customers using theese services will never use our services anyway. And for some, paying a $200 for a logo instead of $1500+ is a bargain.

    Logoservice or not – webappers rock!

  • manijee

    I always find Logoitech | http://www.logoitech.biz amazing creative and rates are quite affordable. I love logoitech work. 100% recommendation.

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