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How to Create a “Who is Online” Widget

Posted · Category: License Free, Stats

TutorialZine has written a tutorial and shown us how to create a “Who is online” widget with PHP, MySQL and jQuery. It will display the number of visitors, currently viewing your site, and it will even be able to detect the country your visitors are from and display it in a slide out panel.

Having access to real time data on your site userbase is a dream to any webmaster. Tools like Google Analytics give a great perspective on your site’s reach, but lack the real time feel a simple widget like this can provide.


Requirements: PHP, MySQL, jQuery Framework
Demo: http://demo.tutorialzine.com/2010/03/who-is-online-widget…
License: License Free

  • Really great tools.. Do you have a tutorial on how to monitor visitor at real time using google analytics

  • Xijee

    This looks pretty neat.

    @Nagobonar Isn’t that what Google Analytics is for? It kinda does that for you, if you want to display analytics data on a apge I think there is an API.

  • Nice thing for da blog !!!

  • Nice tool! Thanks!

  • nice tool ty

  • nice job! very usefull tool! thanks a lot for sharing :)

  • Radmila Stenko

    Very intresting flash-widget from googlin.com

    This widget shows online visitors as animated avatars (mans/girls) and allow to make online text and video chats between page-visitors


  • Trisha Agarwal

    One flaw in this processing is that people who go “offline”(not active after 10 minutes) are not updated in the database until someone else comes online. This would result in potentially inflated online numbers. Result

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