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Giveaway 3 x Subscriptions of Traffic Light Feedback

Posted · Category: Announcement

Traffic Light Feedback is a web application that helps gathering customer feedback quickly and efficiently. It sends out a positive message about your company – showing how proactive you are and that you care about meeting your customers’ needs.

You get back immediate information about your customers’ current requirements – so you can prioritise and respond promptly, seizing opportunities to win additional business and acting to address any concerns, helping to cement the customer relationship.

What’s more, Traffic Light Feedback retains the details of all customer feedback over time, so you have the complete history of all your customers’ feedback at your fingertips.

With £15.00/month, you can send an unlimited number of feedback requests and feedback templates. TLF is very kind to giveaway 3 x 12 Month subscriptions of Traffic Light Feedback to our readers. All of them cost total £540 usd (£180 each). Simply leave a comment and tell us what you think about TLF under this post. We will randomly select 3 lucky people and announce the winners on 13th March. What are you waiting for?


  • grace

    I like to win a subscription of Traffic Light Feedback. It is a great app to track, manage and respond quickly to meet my customers needs. Its also great for monitoring and generating feedback to improve my services and also generate more leads for my business. I like the nice user interface, great detailed features, clean menu buttons and well organised layout of the Traffic Light Feedback website.

  • Traffic Light Feedback sports a great user interface; one of the most important aspects of any web application. I think I’m gonna enjoy using it. Good luck to all :)

  • Jonathan

    Traffic Light Feedback looks awsome! A very useful tool, which I could definitely use to increase efficiencies and customer service. I look forward to getting a green light on this one!

  • Traffic Light Feedback will help me a lot. I would like to win

  • This could be great for us. MF for the win.

  • looks nice, would like to try :-)

  • Traffic Light Feedback is a great web application to help you enhance your Customer Service, I hope to win this :)

  • I thing that will help me in my business.

    I hope to get one….

    good luck for other

  • TLF is cool, and I want to try my luck. Thanks.

  • Traffic Light Feedback would be awesome to have for new projects!

  • krull

    looks nice, would like to try :-)

  • kingpin

    Hi webAppers,
    Really a very nice giveaway.Let’s see how the luck play’s the game of choice.Thanks for Traffic light Feedback…

  • Stig Christian

    I would love to use Traffic Light on my projects!

  • k19s

    Hi, I think Traffic Light Feedback would be a great web application to monitor the feedback activity of my website, as i get a lot of messages/feedbacks and don’t have a proper way of managing them, which is time-consuming.
    Hope I win one


  • Nik

    Looks awesome! Great interface. Nice and clean and easy to use.
    Great value addon for sites.

  • Steve Robillard

    I love what this tool promises, however I am concerned about the accessibility. I have more than 25% of my users with disabilities.

  • What i like the most about TLF is simplicity with usage of navigation and text content you can easily find what’re looking and save great amount of time. Not to mention methods they use for feedbacks – i have to admit it tickle my imagination…hmm i think i’ll try it for sure

  • Ed Duran

    Never heard of them before but by looking at their site im glad there starting to show people what they can offer. i would love to try.

  • Mo

    All right now stop, collaborate and listen, ice is back with a brand new invention…

    I have no idea what TL can do for me. But I want it :p

  • Santiago

    Great tool for my Educational Site!

  • sk

    Am keen to check it out and suddenly have an urge to listen to vanilla ice…

  • Great! I would like to win. Thanks

  • nikos

    I think it is a very useful tool which will help us have an insight of what our clients think.

  • cool, would like to try it too.

  • Danie

    Nice Giveaway.

    I’d like to get one.

  • As the lead developer for our company, and as lead “support technician” I rarely have time to poll my customers for anything – I should however. This tool seems to be just what I would need to get a more balanced que of who to contact and in what order. Saves me time – and also makes customers more happy.

  • Will try it

  • i would love to win this is so much usefull

  • pick me, pick me!!!

  • Jose

    sound like the thing to have. i’d like to win a subscription for a client with a low budget :)

  • really, it’s good article, i’m recommended to my friends

  • Mitch

    We’ve been looking for something similar to this to help manage customer feedback. This would be perfect!

  • in a last mount I had quite solid number of clients and I have been planing – along with few other freelancers to use some good but affordable feedback app that will help us collect feedback on high level volume and still make client satisfied. I think that this tool will come in a perfect timing for my plans and also i heard so many comments on feedback app that I desperately want to try it my self!

  • I like to win a subscription of Traffic Light Feedback. It is a great app to track, manage and respond quickly. I’m also trying to win it so badlly I just love this app. Bless u all

  • thanks . . .
    it seems to be usefull

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