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Build Your Own Q&A Community with Qhub

Posted · Category: CC License, Social

Qhub is a simple way to create a Q&A website. While other Q&A websites are great for information sharing and communities, Qhub offers a more targeted community managed by the people that are interested in that particular subject area.

Each group is set up and started by an owner. Friends, colleagues, club members and more are invited to join and the questions can begin. Qhub offers the ability to customize each site. There is full management of your site, its members and content. It also offers the ability to use your own domain name.

If someone asking you a question and you have the answer, why not open up that knowledge to the web community for their and your benefit?


Requirements: –
Demo: http://help.qhub.com/
License: Creative Commons License

  • Alas, wish they’d open source this. I’d love a white label or open source q & a script.

  • I agree with Austin. Just like a wordpress.org version for the hosted wordpress.com service. Or laconica/identica.

  • Achiel

    Try OSQA (osqa.net), it’s an opensource clone of stackoverflow. They’re still busy developing a bunch of stuff, but a number of clones are already running (mxforum.mendix.com is one that I happen to maintain)

  • MrG

    Thank you Achiel!

  • I agree with Austin – I’d love to white label this application. Nonetheless I went ahead and set up a community. As the sign-in suggests it only took a minute. I also got my preferred username / site name – that being “wellness”. I’ll refrain from putting a link of any sort.

    Great post and a good find!


  • @Austin Storm http://shapado.com is opensource and it seems to have more features than qhub

  • @Poi Meyers Shapado looks like an interesting piece of software very similar to stackexchange.

    Regarding Qhub Im not sure which features your referring to but I Qhubs main “killer” feature is that it enables anyone without any technical knowledge to build their own Q&A community.

    In addition to that Qhub also has some pretty powerful features which are not mentioned in this article such as:
    Facebook Connect
    Twitter integration
    Easy customisation
    Automatic member notifications
    Widgets for easy integration
    Powerful easy to use moderation control.
    Spell checking
    Abusive language and spam filters

  • this is for users or private…?

  • @Raghib The creator of a Qhub can choose, it can be completely private or an open community.


  • I set up my qhub at beauty.qhub.com
    I prefer using open source like I do for my blog (wordpress)
    but it just seems that qhub uses the kiss method and people dont find it as intimidating as some of the other solutions here in the comments.

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