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How to Create Bulletproof Backups for MySQL

Posted · Category: Information

You have all your important data backed up, right? I mean, come on folks, it’s 2010. We may not have flying cars yet like we’re supposed to, but “having backups” is a problem that’s solved. And I’m sure you’ve solved it. I’m sure you sleep well at night knowing that if a comet hit the data center where your website lives, and everything was completely destroyed, you could get back up and running somewhere else quickly enough.

If, however, you are one of the many many people who doesn’t have a good backup strategy in place, this article “Bulletproof backups for MySQL” is here to help you out. He covered quite a bit in this article, but if you make it through everything, you should be able to rest easier knowing that you have good, safe backups of your database.


Source: Bulletproof backups for MySQL

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