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Sublime Video – A HTML 5 Video Player

Posted · Category: License Free, Video

Sublime Video is a HTML5 Video Player, users can play videos without the need of browser plugins or Flash dependencies. It supports Full-window mode with sleek zoom-in/out transitions. There are more advanced controls on a draggable pane. Sublime Video will be soon released for free (at least for non-commercial use).


Requirements: Safari 4.0.4+, Google Chrome 4.0+, IE with Chrome Frame
Demo: http://jilion.com/sublime/video
License: License Free

  • Looks promising, the one thing i would like to be done is to have FireFox support.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Eric P

    Why would someone in their right mind use this?
    Honestly, Flash is less harmful for web than stupid libraries like this which aren’t crossplatform.

    Doesn’t work in Opera (probably ever), doesn’t work in Firefox (at the moment) and doesn’t work in Chromium.

    Browser sniffing for the win.
    Let me guess, the author of SublimeVideo player uses Mac and Safari?

    This may sound a bit harsh but nobody should even link to stuff like this because it is bad for web. It is pretty yes, but there are lot more important things than looks when it comes to web.

  • Thanks for the share but I can’t believe they don’t offer Firefox support yet :|

  • Whilst I’m sure this is great, it doesn’t support browsers people actually use – which is very bizzare :)

    Much as I’d like to see a killer project which will effectively kill IE – there’sno FF support – and this isn’t it.

    One for the future though.

  • Nice full screen feature

  • good player and nice design

  • Dan

    They likely don’t support firefox because of the video codec’s that firefox supports for the HTML5 video tag. Currently, Ogg Theora, Ogg Vorbis, and WAV format media is supported by firefox. this is why YouTube’s html5 video stuff doesn’t support firefox either. Same with Vimeo. Before HTML5 video can be used effectivly the us web guys, the big boys need to settle on a standard codec…

  • It looks good. Can’t wait to give it a test when it’s release. I know Firefox is not currently supported but it is possible, as Dan noted, that it’s due to what Firefox supports and not Sublime Video.

  • jQuery Original

    Firefox is not prone to include any non-open-source video codecs. That’s what they have stated.
    If we leave Flash to watch videos, is it logic to go towards a closed video format? That’s the question.

  • My guess is that this could be combined with something like Video For Everyone to provide a broader range of support.

    I just hope Apple releases an official Safari build supporting full screen sooner rather than later. It’s the one thing that’s really holding HTML5 video back. Well, that and Firefox and their silly philosophical views on H.264 at the expense of users and developers.

  • still wait for firefox and opera browser integration
    Nice design

  • Blake

    This is very cool and promising. Unlike a comment above, I believe it is very important to link to sites that are showcasing items like these, whether they are currently practical to use or not. This shows what may be available in the future for website development once HTML5 is supported by all browsers. These guys designed a great looking video player, and in viewing it in Safari, it is quite smooth – they did a great job. It is naive to say that only currently support code/technology should be linked to and talked about… thinking like that is what hurts innovation, it does not help it.

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  • jack

    The website now says it works in Firefox v3.6+

  • Connor N

    I don’t like flash because it is such a big CPU consumer.
    As others pointed out, all FireFox has to do is add support for some codecs, which they should have done already. I don’t know why FF does it, but it’s not going to make those codecs go away.

    If this makes us a couple of tiny steps closer to the extinction of IE, then I am all for it.

    You must also take in to account the fact that flash uses flv, which in turn uses patented video compression formats (H.264, Sorenson Spark, VP6, etc.)

    Eric P: How is a more extensive HTML library harming the web? Flash is harming web development by being so data intensive.
    Did you notice how fast the 720p video streamed, and were you monitoring your CPU?

  • Mark J

    After having read your comments above, it would be interesting to see your take on the development to date, given that Firefox 3.5/6 is now supported. In playing the demo video, CPU utilization increased 1-3% for “mini” mode, 38% for full browser, and 68% for full screen. Memory usage remained constant at around 40MB in all scenarios.

  • jake

    A lot of comments here appear really negative to change. Flash is often a CPU hog compared to the new HTML5 video and therefor changing to the new embedded HTML5 video is a more efficient way to deliver video. Firefox does not support H.264 due to licensing issues, mainly due to the price tag on it…

    The H.264 codec is cheap for non commercial use at the moment, however in 2016 the licensing for H.264 can be changed to whatever price they choose. And therefor I would try to restrict the use of H.264 and stick to the good old open source OGG!

  • Josh

    Eric P. is an idiot and needs to step out of the realm of web development post-haste. You obviously have no idea where the web IS or where it’s HEADED, so please, the door’s that way.

    Fantastic HTML5 video player, period.

  • Ivan

    I found this open source and easy to use HTML5 video player : http://fryplayer.net/

    The player is actually a jQuery plugin and has very nice features like the ability to skin, buffering, full screen mode and keyboard shortcuts.

    It is also possible to set the width-height and initial volume of the player.

  • 鹏 臧

    I want to use “Sublime Video”, but I can’t find it,can i write Chinese

  • 中国道教


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