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Create a MS Excel Style Spreadsheet with jQuery.sheet

Posted · Category: License Free, Tables

jQuery.sheet gives you all sorts of possibilities when it comes to giving your web application a spreadsheet style interface with MS Excel style calculations.

jQuery.sheet addresses the web-based spreadsheet or “websheet” in a different, simple, approach – using html, you simply load the sheet from a url, and you save it to a url. jQuery.sheet manages the sheet creation, viewing, and editing processes, you simply build your application around it.

jQuery.sheet is also theme-able, using jQuery UI ThemeRoller, so you make the spreadsheet look like you want. For a complete list of all the MS Excel style functions that jQuery.sheet supports, take a look at the Demo, which is the documentation.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://jqueryplugins.weebly.com/jquerysheet.html
License: License Free

  • Bug: Row headers don’t resize after resizing columns with resulting row height changes.

    Looks kind of interesting, but I’m not really clear on what the application would be, short of an actual Excel clone online. Hard to believe there’s a huge market for that. Anyone else seeing a real use for this?

  • thanks alot
    jquery and mootools are very good js frameworks

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  • Hey Guys, Look out for version 1, 3/30/10. You will be impressed.


  • CJ

    Rob, if you have a comment about practical uses, keep it to yourself. Someone spends a lot of time creating something like this and you just burst their bubble. It is actually a great application. In our case, we cannot share spreadsheets on our network and we do not want to deal with updating all the PC’s with OWA, so this solves the issues with creating, adding to, and editing spreadsheets for many users interactively.

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