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How to Create a Custom Facebook Page with FBJS

Posted · Category: Information

A Facebook Page is a public Profile that enables information about business and products to be shared with Facebook users and the public. An user should be able to create one in a few minutes. This article “Creating a Custom Facebook Page” explains how to add custom tabs to your Facebook page to make it do more. He has explained how to built a carousel, navigation tabs, forms, etc on your facebook page easily.

You will need to use FBJS (Facebook Javascript). This provides the functionality we need to develop custom facebook pages. This is also to protect other users privacy at the same time and restrict Javascript features that can be abused. This tutorial helps you cut short your search and gives you a head start in your quest to build custom tabs within Facebook pages.


Source: http://www.webdigi.co.uk/blog/2010/creating-a-custom-facebook-page/

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