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Open Source Mac Rich Internet Application Framework

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Fluidium is an open-source platform for developing Rich Internet Applications that run as native Mac OS X desktop apps. Fluidium is much like Adobe Air, except open source (liberal Apache license), and exclusive to the Mac.

Increasingly, new applications are being written as web apps, but native Cocoa applications still provide the best user experience on Mac OS X. Using Fluidium, you can wrap your existing web app in a pure, native Mac application shell and provide the best of both worlds to your demanding user base.

Fluidium is unabashedly Mac-only, and makes no cross-platform compromises. With the high quality of native Mac apps, cross-platform, least-common denominator approaches don’t cut it on OS X. Your Fluidium-based app will fit right in on OS X as a first-class Cocoa citizen.


Requirements: Mac OS X
Demo: http://fluidium.org/
License: Apache License

  • JL

    Nice concept, but with so many companies targeting platform independent ASP’s and UI’s, what reason would their be to use this? Just curious.

  • This is a nice article I have come through. Thanks for this usefull article. Here I am also trying to provide few more thing regarding this. Which I think will be usefull for the viewers of your site.

    RIA : – Rich Internet applications (RIA) are web applications that have the features and functionality of traditional desktop applications. RIAs typically provide a “no-refresh” look to the user interface and provide what is now being known as HDuX – High Definition User eXperience. For an end user, RIA apps bring the best of client-server and web technology and for most ISVs and E-businesses, it is now imperative to adopt RIA technology for their next release.

    From software development perspective RIA follows a standard software development model with rich controls that include powerful data and multimedia capability allowing us to present a rich set of information in an attractive interface. From design perspective, RIA delivers highly customizable output with a CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) based model.

    For details you can go through this website also.

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