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Simplify Google Maps API with Google Maps jQuery Plugin

Posted · Category: GPL License, Maps

The Google Maps jQuery Plugin lets you simply embed Google Maps using The Google Maps JavaScript API in your web pages. While you can use the original Google Maps JavaScript API to do what you need. This plugin attempts to simplify the process to adding maps to a page. To use The Google Maps JavaScript API, you need to first sign up for an API key.

The Google Maps jQuery Plugin is less than 10KB of JavaScript. Portions of the Map (div container, info window) is controlled through CSS, so a user can create their own styles. It has been tested on Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 8, Safari 4.


Requirements: Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 8, Safari 4
Demo: http://www.mayzes.org/googlemaps.jquery.html
License: GPL License

  • Excellent article, thanks for sharing.

  • Dan

    Google maps API is already simple to use now…

  • An even better alternative: http://github.com/brianjlandau/jmapping

  • Thanks for posting this up!

  • Franck

    I am not sure it’s very useful to add layers over an already well-documented API…

    But maybe it can help somebody.

  • This plugin is a good “wrapper” around the Google Maps API but it doesn’t offer much convience over the GMap API.

    I’ve created a jQuery plugin jMapping which allows a developer to map a set of point by extracting metadata from a list of HTML elements that describe the locations. It also allows you to customize those markers and the interaction between the map and the HTML elements:

    Usage: http://vigetlabs.github.com/jmapping/usage.html

    Examples: http://vigetlabs.github.com/jmapping/examples/

  • Jarmo

    Google Maps API V3 doesn’t require any API key and is really easy to use already.

  • I am very happy fit like a glove
    Thank you very much ^_^

  • I have been working on a jQuery plugin that might be helpful to others reading this blog.

    It allows you to easily get a map on your site, manage markers, custom icons, sidebars…. ect.



  • Very nice post. Thank you very much

  • Valhallen

    Here’s my two cents. First of all, using v2 of google maps API is utterly pointless, since it’s deprecated by google.

    Second, the net is full on these sort of wrappers like the one in this post and the ones in the comments. But I have yet to see one which has the option to insert address and then have the API convert it to latitude and longitude. I mean, otherwise a lot of the stuff is pretty useless.
    Think about it: you’d have to use some sort of converter for it, which makes it hard to use backend (like PHP) to generate sites where there’s dynamic pages and human readalbe addresses.

  • jb

    Here is a v3 implementation with a full demo : http://night-coder.com/jquery-plugin-gmap3-1202.html

  • thank you for map plugin but dos any body know good plugin to get user location from ip to google map directly
    thank you

  • “thank you for map plugin but dos any body know good plugin to get user location from ip to google map directly
    thank you”

    Check Out Codecanyon, there are few listed there.

  • Thomas


    Latest version of gmap3 has been released on http://gmap3.net


  • Tommy

    Good idea, but he needs some proper installation instructions on that page to save me fannying about in firebug.

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