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Sliding Content Aside to Reveal Secondary Content Pane

Posted · Category: GPL License, Popup

As web developers, we spend precious time laying out our pages, using every UI concept in the book to conserve space, while trying to maintain a user’s focus on the task at hand. There are many techniques to use Lightbox, Carousel and Tabs to name a few – and recently Scott Robbin has offered up another: jQuery pageSlide.

jQuery pageSlide was inspired by the UI work of Aza Raskin. Aza introduced the idea of sliding content aside to reveal a secondary content pane. This plugin allows any developer to recreate a similar interaction on their own website using a few simple lines of Javascript.

By attaching the method to an anchor tag, pageSlide wraps the original body content into a wrapper and creates an additional block for the secondary content load. The slide is animated whenever the click event is invoked.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://srobbin.com/blog/jquery-pageslide/
License: GPL License

  • Thanks for this, nice and lightweight too!

  • It’s quite old now. but a nice share.
    Doesn’t seem to work correctly in IE6. (I’m not surprised).I hope someone sorts that out soon.

  • Definitely nifty but not as smooth as I’d like. Very cool though.

  • Markus


    is this with mootools also possible?

  • Thanks for this nice share.

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