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Client-Side File Generator with Javascript & Flash 10+

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Downloadify is a tiny JavaScript + Flash library that enables the generation and saving of files on the fly, in the browser, without server interaction. Web applications that allow you to generate vCards, color palettes, custom code, etc would benefit from using this library. In addition to increasing speed (no round trip to the server) this solution can reduce the database and server load of existing web applications.

Flash 10 introduced the ability to generate files on the client-side and trigger a save to the user’s computer. The user must click something in the Flash file to trigger the download for security reasons.

Downloadify couples JavaScript callbacks with the Downloadify.swf to allow your code to respond to the click event and pass in your data at that time. Whatever data is passed in from your function will be saved to their hard-drive when and where they select.


Requirements: JavaScript + Flash library
Demo: http://downloadify.info/
License: MIT License

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