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How to Create Glowing, Radioactive Buttons with CSS

Posted · Category: Buttons

Using CSS animations in Safari, we’re able to turn an otherwise ordinary button into a glowing, Radioactive Buttons. Be sure you’re in Safari / Chrome browser before getting underway. You can set the Animation name, Animation duration and the number of times it repeats.

You can see how these come together on the right. The CSS calls a pre-defined animation you create, assigns it a duration, and tells it how long to repeat. Pretty sweet, right?


Requirements: Safari or Chrome Browser
Demo: http://www.zurb.com/playground/radioactive-buttons
License: License Free

  • Dorac

    As awesome as this is… it does not cater for Firefox or IE (not that I care about IE, anyone that uses IE should dIE a horrible death :P )

    Mozilla needs to get their act together to integrate this in their browser… oooo the awesomeness of Firefox :D

  • Excellent effect, thanks for sharing. Too bad it’s not yet working in FF and IE.

  • mirk

    they looks good on safari.
    but if they don’t work in FF, I don’t want to imagine how they look in IE on pc :|

  • too bad this can’t work on FF

    mozilla should quickly apply this on FF if they don’t want to be catch up by chr0me

    can’t wait to see this on FF….

  • rjae

    as far as im concerned, firefox died with 3.5… pages did not display properly, and ff just keeps getting bigger and slower… chrome is where its at nowadays.

  • Adi

    Thanks God, it does not work with FF and IE.
    It does not work with Safari on windows too.

    It’s stupid and irritate as a blink tag.

  • alex

    nice effect, too bad that it relies on browser-specific css keywords, is this effect part of the css3 spec??

  • Not very usefull if it doesnt work with the two major browser FF or IE :(

  • Neogrey

    agree to Adi, do we want another madness????

  • is this only css? i dont create thats.a example css file please.

  • Excellent effect, thanks for sharing. Too bad it’s not yet working in FF and IE.

  • Thanks for sharing very useful for me.

  • not work for me

  • meylin

    this is awesome!

  • meylin

    this is awesome!

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