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Ymacs – Emacs-like Ajax Open Source Editor

Posted · Category: BSD License, Code

Ymacs is an Emacs-like editor that works in your browser. Which applies, at this state of affairs, only if your browser is Firefox. It looks pretty good with other browsers, but it is unable to catch all the required key bindings at the moment.

If you are an Emacs user, then you should feel like home with Ymacs. By default Ymacs uses Emacs idioms and key bindings. It should be easy to customize it, however, to mimic other editors.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.ymacs.org/
License: BSD License

  • This looks really cool, would be a great editor for sourcecode! Will have to check this one again for possible implementation, to bad it’s Firefox only – however very nice!

  • sander

    lol this looks nice, and i can find all sorts of info on how to edit text and all, but i cannot find how to open a certain file

    maybe i’m just not made for this stuff :)
    or i’m blind and can’t find the command / button to open a new file… :)

  • @sander

    If you are referring to the demo, it just uses the API. You need to implement it for yourself and load the files you want to edit.

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