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Node.js Makes Building Scalable Network Programs Easy

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Node.js is an Evented I/O for V8 javascript. Node’s goal is to provide an easy way to build scalable network programs. This is in contrast to today’s more common concurrency model where OS threads are employed.

Thread-based networking is relatively inefficient and very difficult to use. Node.js will show much better memory efficiency under high-loads than systems which allocate 2mb thread stacks for each connection.

Furthermore, users of Node are free from worries of dead-locking the process – there are no locks. Almost no function in Node directly performs I/O, so the process never blocks. Because nothing blocks, less-than-expert programmers are able to develop fast systems.

Node is similar in design to and influenced by systems like Ruby’s Event Machine or Python’s Twisted. Node takes the event model a bit further – it presents the event loop as a language construct instead of as a library.

Requirements: –
Demo: http://nodejs.org/
License: MIT and GPL License

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