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25 Funny Comic Strips About the Web & the Internet

Posted · Category: Information

Web is a multiple utilities. It can either be a resource that can provide information or help you keep you in touch with your loved or even be a source of entertainment. There has been exponential increase in functionalities associated with the Internet, that it is very difficult to keep a track of it.

Here are some comics that can help you catch up with what is happening on the Internet! Thank you so much for BLaugh bringing us the following funny comics about web.

Where is the Secret of Life

Baby First Language

Wife of Second Life

Vowing Wedding Favors

Addicted to Twitter

Roach Motel

Meme Meme Meme

New AOL Privacy Leak

An Innocent PayPal Scam

Mans Best Buddy

The Whole Internet Truth

YouTube Sues Boobs

Digg Digging Diggs Digg

Any Monkey Can Blog


Online Dating with Myspace and Facebook

Public Displays of Affliction

I Hate Social Networks

Sharing the Love via Flickr

Another Pending Lawsuit for Amazon.com

Rough First Day

Skype Me

Hugh Software Sale


Please Buy My Computer

Firefox Ourfoxes IE

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