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30+ Professionally Designed & Useful Mac Applications

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Macintosh computers are really known to bring out the creative side of people. To harness it, and refine your potential there are some great Mac tools that you can use online and some of them for free.

As Microsoft burdens you with tons of softwares that serve the purpose and slow downs the computer at the same time these serve as a better alternative. The best part is that abundant tools are available to do things from simple text editors to image processing tools. Most of these tools provide an easy to use interface and work efficiently. Here is a list of useful Mac applications, which looks really slick too.


Fontcase is an elegant font management software. It combines simplicity and raw power all underneath a streamlined workstream. It organises your installed fonts with a powerful tagging system to automate the process. Like iTunes is for music, Fontcase is for fonts!


Postbox, powered by Mozilla Technology is a powerful Email Management software with cutting edge features that have set new standards for Email Clients. It has a powerful message and content search with autocomplete features. It provides a smarter message and content views that simplifies mail organisation as well as tracking them. It possess superior message handling and organisation features as well as strong security features.


Aptonic extrapolates the Drag and Drop feature of Mac to unlimited possibilities. Using core animation features, and adaptive Grid system it can train all of your installed applications to embrace drag and drop. For Example, by dropping a file on to your FTP client icon, the FTP client will execute operation to upload the file. Or if you want to install a program without the histrionics, then just drag the installer to the grid and the software will be installed. It provides a special flickr upload where you can drag images to the grid and it will instantly upload it to flickr or save text by dropping it in to the zone. There are special grids for copy and move files function as well as zip and email functionality. Since Dropzone is coded in Ruby, anyone can edit it to suit your requirements.


Querious is a SQL database management application that is tailormade for Mac OS X. It provides a new perspective to understand and use your SQL database. Equipped with features for Viewing, searching, editing, importing, exporting, and structuring your data ; Querious provides a gamut of SQL tools with a few clicks. It also provide CSV or Tab files so that you can view the database in speradsheet style for ease of use and also supports a wide range of data export tools.

The Hit List

The Hit List rectifies your chaotic life with an innovative list creation implemention. The Hit List is as easy to use as your post it and has a lot of hot keys if you want to get more efficient. It has different views like the Cards, which help you focus one job at a time or the today’s list which provides a comprehensive list of things listed for the particular day. It also syncs with iCal, hence letting you plan activites in advice. With timer function you can keep track of your activity and Quickentry makes the list amendable from any device and from anywhere. It also provides AppleScript plugins to extend the scope of the application.


Your news, your way. Times has reinvented the art of presenting news. Unlike an RSS reader which presents news as email, the Times presents this news as variety of news and images at one spot. This gives a user a different and a refreshing experience and makes the paper truly your personal paper.


An enhancement to your iTunes experience. It allows you to control your iTunes using shortcuts, and updates your last.fm account. It is developed on a javascript, CSS and xHtml which adds themes to your Bowtie. Add style to your iTunes with Bowtie.

Code Collector Pro

In short, Code Collector Pro is your code snippet wallet. It provides easy snippet organisation tools as well a global search key which can rifle through your snippets with great efficacy. It drag files to CPP allows you to create snippets by dragging a text file in to its interface. It sharing and transfer functions makes this Code Collector Pro a passport and a wallet to help you out.


A software for hardcore coders. Coda is software that will help you build a website from the scratch and also assist in management of files with FTP functionality known as Transmit. Developed by Panic, it is one stop solution for all developers. You can manage files, edit codes, preview and debug all from the Terminal provided by Coda. The debug is outsourced to Subversion, a popular debug tool. If you still are lost, the have included the The Programmer’s Desk Reference for the software to guide you.


Norml Icons are confusing. Moreover, they make your Mac look dolorous. The Candybar can innervate your desktop with its innovative icons. Design your Mac icons, to suit your style. It is packed with features such as iContainer, Quick Drop, Quick Dock etc. It can also connect with iconfactory for getting fresh sets of icons. Turn your computer in to a your grafitti.


RapidWeaver 4 is the best tool that incorporates all the web design features. Its award winning features provide the easy yet the most powerful interfaces to make website creation easy. It is variegated database contains format for any type of website; from a podcast to a corporate website creation tools. It best feature is the One Click Publishing which has sucked the pain out of website publishing. You can publish websites with built in support FTP, SFTP and MobileME.


Previously known as Event Box, after its acquisition by Real Mac Software its page 3 reputation has increased. This powerful software combines your social accounts from Flickr, RSS, Twitter and other accounts in to one interface so you can keep every gang updated from this one software. The Socialite 2 is going to be released in November!


LittleSnapper is a software for the capturing screenshots, editing and organising them. The software combines powerful vector based annotating tools that make tagging, highlighting, bubble box etc very easy. These are very much tenable, with a click you can make them disappear. The library of LittleSnapper is good organisational tool with features like tag manager and tag auto completer to reduce the redundancy associated with library tool. Finally, the easy share completes this software with powerful sharing features to share on your favorite portals.

Billings 3

The winner of the Apple Design Award 2009, serves the billing requirements of a website; i.e when you create a shopping website. It can manage your money better than you and also add a style to it. Its time billing feature which tracks time and your money. It can with this data send an invoice automatically to the client who owes you money. It also creates Statements, which makes it a complete accounting package to suit your basic needs. The statements and invoice can be customizable to sync with your website.


ExpanDrive is the ultimate USB you ever wanted without having to worry that it might fall out of your pocket. The ExpanDrive allows you to remotely access your files, edit and save them on to itself. ExpanDrive is suited with every program data, so you can save any program data on it. It is just like a hard drive away from hard drive. The ExpanDrive is powered by MACFuse developed by Google, which makes it easy to handle any native Mac program. It also has power connectivity feature-set that support SFTP, FTP and Amazon S3 finder. Ridiculous huh?


Silverback is a user testing software which is suited for all Mac based softwares. It provides feedback to the developers on the usability with live screen activity, video capture of participants, audio comments and on the fly recording with exporting features. This really makes it a gorilla software, One size fits all!


Flow is a simple MAC FTP client that supports multifarious protocols such as FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV and MobileME iDisk. It also harbours a variety of intuitive features such as QuickLook, Droplets etc. QuickLook allows a user to get the content of the file without opening it and Droplets allow you to upload files without even running the application. These interfaces have given Flow the upperhand in winning a lot of awards in the category of File Transfer clients.


Pixelmator is a beautiful design tool that combines ease and features to create a powerful photo editor. It provides a variety of precise selection tools, full range of assortment tools, painting tools all matched to the layer basedimplementation. It also has quick correction tools and special effects tool that will blow your brains out.


Version is a frontend application for Subversion, the powerful debugging client. Built on the same engine, Versions makes Subversion usable to novices as well as nubile users. It contains a variety of tools that allows you to streamline your project, sync with other projectmembers and provides easy access icons to Subversion tools. Its major features include Timeline, Revert to Revision, Solid SSH support, Bookmark Grouping and Repository tool.


Anxiety is here to do some things for you, to relieve you of some trouble. A light weight to do list management software, that can synchronize with iCal and Mail resulting in a streamlined, easy to access interface. It is camouflage in to any environment you have on your system and will appear when you summon it or when needed.


A fun image capture and sharing software with one click. Supported by Media Temple, it is the twitter of images. It makes image sharing just a click away and shares it with your network who can comment, tag or share it thus redefining the concept of image sharing. It is the new age camera of the Internet.

CSS Edit

CSSEdit helps all users alike. It can help you design beautiful and innovative as well as performance centric websites. The CSSEdit is able to deliver these features due to its focus on style sheets, and also offers features in accordance to your comfort level. The Selector Builder and advanced visual editors will help you understand CSS and get the job done with alarming celerity. It also includes the Live Preview and intelligent source environment which help in reducing time. It also includes the omnipotent X-Ray web page inspection, the best CSS debugging suite in the whole wide web.


We all wake up to a good cup of espresso; similarly all of the developers can wake up to Macrabbit’s Espresso which is well brewed cup of software with a perfect mix of website development tools. It gives you a jumpstart on your development process with a unified workstream thus making it a powerful, gorgeous and sleek tool that can get you addicted.


Arranging a desktop is bad as cleaning your room. With Deskshade, you can change that as it will help you clean up. DeskShade adds life to your desktop by removing unwanted icons and providing a variegated color palettes that can revive your desktop. Moreover, its dynamic backgrounds can animate your desktop. One special feature of the DeskShade is DeskMovie, where you can play a movie without being importuned by notifications.


This is a good a desktop pet. CleanMyMac can get rid of unwanted desktop files as well as data that are just lying around in your system with two clicks. CleanMyMac feature allows you to smooth system performance combining such essential features as Slim Universal Binaries, Clean Unneeded Languages, Logs Rotation, Clean Caches, Quick and Secure Erase, Application Uninstallation, and Killing Trash Left From Buried Applications that you no longer use. All in all, this can help you save tons of gigabytes and pounds of ram ergo making your system run faster than it should.


Scibbles can help you convert your doodles in to doodle art. This simplifies drawing softwares and provides the right features for every user level. It revolutionary UI approach repudiates 20 years normal approach adopted by image editing softwares and harnesses the power of new age systems. It provides infinite drawing space that lets you sketch anywhere you want and stroke rendering tool converts it in to an beauty art. It also provides a 1 click sharing facility and can adapt to tablet interfaces.


Things is yet another simple and powerful task management software that is compatible with a whole range of Mac devices: iMac, Macbook Air, iPhone etc. It provides a simple and intuitive user interface with a combination of powerful management tools like Projects, Search, iCal Sync, iPhone sync, Doc badge, Quick Look, Spotlight and huge list of applescripts that can be added to alter the software to your very specific needs. Truly, a well deserved winner of Apple Software Design Awards 2009.

Sequel Pro

Sequel Pro is SQL database management application that provides an excellent user interface for users. It is tailor made for the role web development companion. It also provides wide range of connectivity solutions. It is a affable app with support MySQL views, full table management index and multiple tab interface. It incorporates a powerful query editor to highlight your errors and also has the auto complete feature. There is no sequel for Sequel Pro since it is compatible with any form of SQL database.


If you really want to disco with the CD burning apps, then you need a professional software like Disco. It creates a discography, which is database of all the burned files. Its Spanning feature can automatically split the files in to multiple burning sessions if the data does not fit in to one disc. Disco is at the crossroads of the application interface with its interactive grapic user interface which guides you through every step with perspicuity and perspicacious not delineated by any other software in its field. For power users, there are power tools that can help define multisession support and other advanced features. The smoke feature displays progress every time you activate it using your microphone.

Delicious Library 2

The Delicious Library 2 is a juicy software that can import anything with your MAC iSight Camera. It gets even more succulent with the awards, as it has sweeped everything that has come its way. It can import anything in to its library and share it on the Internet with just a photo with iSight web camera analogous to bar code in your supermarket. With its unique vector processor code to refocus images, Image Deconvolution; Delicious Library is the only software which possess this capability to scan large volumes with just a swipe in front of your iSight.


Warehouse is a web based application for Subversion. It is simple browser that gives you control over the repositories of your Subversion as well as share it with your trusted group with few clicks. No more hassles over ssh codes, warehouse app bookmarkers act as flag points so that you do not get lost in the intricacies of the code.


Cha-ching 2.0 gives you full control over your personal finances. You can enter data in a swish, split transactions for easier comprehension as well as track your finances with Smart Collect feature and Flag Transaction feature. It can also manage bills and print reports so that you get a circumspect over your financial situation. It can sync with iCal and remind you of your recurring expenses as well as sync with iPhone for timely reminders. It also has a style with which it beeps when you have low balance warning.


Since we all are using Google Mail but most of us are not happy with Google Talk notification feature which is quite late. Ergo, this void is filled by Notify which is the best notification app for Google mail. It has an elegant tabbed interface which supports multiple accounts that can keep track of all of your mail accounts. It also supports Growl!

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