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Floom – Blinds Effect MooTools Slideshow

Posted · Category: Gallery, MIT License

Floom is a Blinds-effect MooTools Slideshow. There are two ways of setting Floom up. One is the object way, where you specify the image url and the caption using the key-value notation. The second one is by simply passing a element collection, ie. $$('#blinds img'), where the passed element has to be the actual image collection.


Requirements: Mootools Framework
Demo: http://nouincolor.com/floom/1.0/Demos/
License: MIT License

  • Thanks for mentioning Ray!

  • Ray Cheung

    @ Oskar

    You are welcome. Please let me know if you have any new Mootools scripts. :)

  • I implemented a similar effect for jQuery. It’s still experimental but it does work in every browser except the caption and the progress indicator: http://ciprianionescu.com/filemanager/jquery/floom/index.html

  • Daniel Buchner

    Another awesome mootools based image transition viewer: http://www.nwhite.net/transitions_demo.html

  • Looks great :)
    thanks for sharing this

  • syncros


    i used this script in a website, but unfortunately its not working with IE8… i checked it before, the version which is in the demo it works, but the downloaded version from the local folder doesnt… any idea ?

  • @syncros if you think it’s a Floom bug, you can report it here: http://github.com/oskarkrawczyk/floom/issues

  • Kamil

    try to change delay time in line 184, for example:
    this.step.delay(this.options.animation * 8, this);

  • syncros


    I tried but the situation is the same :)
    It works on Chrome, Firefox, Safari… but that IE shit…:(

    Anyway it looks amazing…
    but i have to solve the issue.

  • Kamil

    Which version of IE?

  • Loulondon

    Hi everyone !

    I’m facing a problem with floom. I put it in my index page, everthing works but then I include my menu in php which has a jquery libreary and then the floom stop working.
    When I take off the jquery libreary link it works again…
    Some one knows how to make the two compatible ??

    Thanks for your help ;)

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