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ATWidget – Easy to Customize Date & Time Picker

Posted · Category: Calendar, CC License

The Any+Time JavaScript Library includes an easy-to-use, easy-to-customize calendar widget (date and/or time picker) and a powerful Date/String parse/format utility. ATWidget is the AJAX-capable JavaScript GUI component. It is easy to add to a page and even easier to use! Unlike most date/time selection tools, nearly every field in an ATWidget control can be chosen with a single mouse click.

The ATWidget date/time control is attached to any input (text) field with a single line of JavaScript code. It can be placed as a popup or inline. The appearance of the ATWidget calendar tool can be customized by modifying or supplementing the included CSS stylesheet. All labels, as well as month, weekday and era names and abbreviations, are also easy to change.


Requirements: Prototype Framework
Demo: http://www.ama3.com/anytime/
License: Creative Commons License

  • Thanks for spreading the word about Any+Time! I can be contacted with questions via my website.

  • Gis

    Anyone know something like that for jQuery? ;)

    Nice woork but I won’t include the whole prototype lib just for that widget. :)

  • Ray, @Gis and all: I just released version 3 of Any+Time(TM), which now uses jQuery instead of Prototype! It also supports jQuery UI themes, has an improved default style, and the code has been significantly improved. Please let me know if you experience any problems!

  • Version 4 of Any+Time™ is now available! Perhaps the most exciting new feature is support for TIME ZONES (UTC offsets), but the API has also been redesigned to be more compatible with jQuery (for example, it’s now possible to create multiple widgets with one command, use jQuery chaining, and remove widgets that are no longer needed). Double-click selection has also been added. And even more functionality is on the way!

  • Thanks for spreading the word about Any+Time! I can be contacted with questions via my website.

  • Someone

    Too bad you migrated to jQuery, I wanted a Prototype based one, as I’m using that framework.

    I know you still offer the old version, but it’s not the same, knowing there is a better version out there. :(

  • Haha, too bad you’re still using Prototype! Keep in mind that you can use jQuery and Prototype together, and you should have no problem integrating the newer version of the widget.

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