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MooShell – Utility to Test Your MooTools Code

Posted · Category: Code, License Free

We have featured JS Bin 2 days ago. And our lovely readers have pointed out MooShell, which helps us writing and testing HTML, CSS and Javascript too. You can easily debug your Mootools code online with MooShell. Just load the page, edit relevant fields and load the result into an iframe. Also, it does allow to save results for further usage like this example.

However, MooShell is still in an early stage of development and definitely lacks some features. Plans are to implement logging, choice of javascript libraries (currently works with MooTools 1.2.3 only), and more.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://mooshell.net/
License: License Free

  • Very nice tool. I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the tip!

  • Thanks for posting, I’d just like to say that MooShell is still in “pre beta” stage.
    It will gain some new functionalities pretty soon. I’ll try to announce it here as well.
    Ah – and it’s working with the fresh and shiny Mootools 1.2.4 – check there if your code is still valid :D

  • This is freakin SEXY!

    Never seen a four windowed mootool tester before, very sweet. More Moo, More, Moo More Moo! Such a helpful site.

  • MooShell has now syntax highlighting (live)

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