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Reduce Image File Size Without Any Loss of Quality

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punypng is a free tool that dramatically reduces page load times by reducing the file size of an image without any loss of quality. punypng uses several web optimization techniques to reduce the file sizes of your images. It first analyzes the content of your image and figures out the best image format to use.

Depending on the file, punypng will automatically convert your GIF into a PNG format and then further compress that. For JPEGs, sometimes it’s better to make it a PNG, and other times it’s better to keep it as JPEG and use jpeg-tran to optimize it. punypng makes all those decisions for you and ensures the best possible results.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.gracepointafterfive.com/punypng/
License: License Free

  • Excellent tool. I just tried it and took out 30% of my images with no quality losses. Just don’t forget to rename your images afterwords :)

  • The massive compression of images always result in lost of quality, saying the contrary it’s false.

    I really believe this techniques are very very useful but, who decides the right visual perception for unique images are humans, not computers.

    I still prefer doing it with Photoshop.

  • Is any of theese tools possible to install natively on a server? If I need to upload the images the tool is worthless in practical use! If I could, say when a user uploads an image, auto-optimize it – that would be a great benefit!

  • Nice tool for decreasing graphic file sizes.
    I contacted them to consider making it a plug-in for, say, Photoshop.
    The reason I ask: As a developer, I process hundreds of images a day at times for web use. I could see this tool having much wider appeal if it could be used as either a standalone product using a batch process, or a plug-in for Photoshop.

    As far as the human perception comment: My tests indicate a superior pixel end result. Clients, visitors to their sites will not have the finer points of this on their mind. Only that necessary colors match their corporate ID, and that printed pages yield proper results.

  • Terra

    Use “pngcrush” for anything automated.

  • I am looking for service which will run on the server and reduce image size in the image directory. Do you know any tools for that

  • Am developing some pages in my site.I have to display images one after another. So it could maximum around 50 or minimum around 5 images.so saving images in an array.
    So I have to display images one after another.

    So any one can please tell me what could be the recommended image size to print on the web page. The image size is standard i.e 480 * 360. i reduced the image size by some program but it reduces the resolution along with its size.

    Resolution should not looses but the size should reduce i.e lessthan 20kb.

    So please suggest me how to reach this task.

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