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Open Source PHP Captcha for Your Forms

Posted · Category: Forms, License Free

Securimage is an open-source free PHP Captcha script for generating complex images and CAPTCHA codes to protect forms from spam and abuse. It can be easily added into existing forms on your website to provide protection from spam bots.

It can run on most any webserver as long as you have PHP installed, and GD support within PHP. Securimage does everything from generate complicated CAPTCHA images to making sure the code the user entered was correct.

Securimage CAPTCHA

Requirements: PHP and GD Support
Demo: http://www.phpcaptcha.org/?page_id=12
License: License Free

  • Been using http://www.captcha.fr/ for a long time, works like a charm. This one seems like it has the extra benefit of sound which atleast someone will love!

    I know people keep mentioning that captchas are broken, they are easily cracked with several tools. In my opinion, unless you have a very popular service a simple captcha is all you need to keep those nasty bots away. It works for me!

    Should bots get through, all I need to do is really change the font…

  • Zach

    Ironic that an article on captchas has a captcha-less comment submission. :-P

  • Alex


    Nice information, I would also suggest http://www.captchagenie.com , they have a great customizable captcha and the price is not high

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