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20 Professional Web Admin Templates on ThemeForest

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A modern and easy to use Admin User Interface is the key to success of web applications. A custom made web admin user interface usually cost you a fortune. How about using some of the professionally designed Web Admin Templates at a very low price?

Here we have collected the following 20 Professional Web Admin Templates on ThemeForest. You may find them useful when designing your own web application. Also, please do not forget we have published a tutorial of How to Create a Web App Admin User Interface, so that you can create your own unique one easily as well.

1) Simple Admin – Flexible

Design Resources 1

2) Profi Admin

Design Resources 1

3) Complex Liquid Admin

Design Resources 1

4) Cleanity Complete Admin

Design Resources 1

5) Ultra Admin Full Control Panel

Design Resources 1

6) FreshCMS

Design Resources 1

7) Flexy – Liquid Admin Skin

Design Resources 1

8 ) Sleek Admin Clean CSS Admin Skin

Design Resources 1

9) Titanium

Design Resources 1

10) Acid App Adminstration Panel

Design Resources 1

11) ProManager v2.0 Customized Admin CMS Skin

Design Resources 1

12) Clean CSS Admin Multiskin

Design Resources 1

13) Sitecore Liquid Admin

Design Resources 1

14) Broom Cupboard Admin Skin

Design Resources 1

15) Smart Admin High End CMS Theme

Design Resources 1

16 ) Elegent – Backend Admin Template

Design Resources 1

17) Splash Manager

Design Resources 1

18) Proadmin Template

Design Resources 1

19) Ninja Admin

Design Resources 1

20) eManager 1.0

Design Resources 1

10 New Professionally Designed Admin Templates

We have published a new article featuring 10 New Professionally Designed Admin Templates. You may find them useful when designing your own web application. All of them are professionally designed, and selling at a very low price.

  • Sweet selection… thanks!

  • Mo

    Awesome. Thank you

  • I think I’m in the way ! I bought 3 of TOP5 last month :P
    They are realy terrific !

  • Oooh, thanks for including two of my themes, I really appreciate this kind of feedback :D – it means I’m not a bad designer after all ;).

  • Nice, thank you! What’s right was I was looking for…

  • iPad

    Awesome themes @MasterGreed :P

  • A very nice list ;)

    Thanks for including one of my themes!

  • cdoggyd

    You misspelled ‘admin’ in the title for #5.

  • Ray Cheung

    @ All

    Glad that you found them useful. :)

    @ cdoggyd

    Just fixed the typo. Thanks. ;)

  • Quite good themes these are… really a pro..

  • Its great, the interface is most important to make user enjoy using the software

  • This is what i was waiting for ages.

    Great collection and references.

    Thanks a lot.

  • KOBS


  • GereZs

    You read my mind. I need to redesign our admin interface of our news portal. Greeaaat inspiration. Thank you!

  • really nice post and inspiration from these admin panels really help to create mine admin panel

  • Excellent and inspirational post, I love admin interfases and it surelly helped my future work ;)

  • this is good. all users should have a pleasant experience on the web

  • We ve used third one on http://www.oncetatil.com

    Its was realy usefull

  • Hi

    Great post, just wanted to let you know I’ve authored two more Admin templates over at Themeforeset…


    Hope you like them.

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  • Thank you so much for sharing this. We made another commercial alternative with lot of great features, our admin/UI templates are here – http://www.adminsquare.com :-)

  • Thanks for featuring Simpla Admin! However, you spelled it “Simple”. It should be Simpla :)

  • Amit

    Hi, nice to see these templates. Looks really great.

  • Anton

    Thank you very much! I’ve been looking for such examples! Now i have found it and enjoyed it!

  • Ashok

    Thank you so much for this :)

  • Hey Nice collection :)

  • The best ever we need for an admin page. Cleanity is used by PyroCMS!

  • These are some of the best admins I have seen yet. Great Job!

  • Nice collection, I will take some idea and improve the design of our admin panel.

  • Wow!! Really nice collection of admin panel templates. really i like all templates………..

  • WOW…, really awesome dude…, like this theme!!!

  • electric_bit

    mantabs gan …!!

  • nice collection of all admin theme

  • Mahesh

    nice collection of all admin theme

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  • It is professionalm, thanks for list it gives some inspiration to do own templates!

  • Very good Collection. Thanks for sharing i have been looking for something like this. (Added to favourite)

  • Nice collection… I needed an admin theme to my script.

    Greetings and Thanks

  • Cengiz

    nice collection of all admin theme

  • Great collection – thanks for free sharing. It will save a lot of time for me !

  • Awesome selection! Thanks for sharing!

  • Deep

    This is really awesome selection.

  • Superb Collection… Love it..!!!

  • Those are incredible and creative web admin templates. Thank you for sharing this good information.

  • Fff

    nice collection of all admin theme

  • Irham Ramadhan


  • mayra16

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