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How to Create a Non-Javascript Lightbox with CSS

Posted · Category: License Free, Popup

We have seen lots of Javascript Lightbox plugins. It is good to see someone who has created a valid markup Lightbox purely with XHTML and CSS for us.

ThinkVitamin has published a detailed tutorial of How to Create a Valid Non-Javascript Lightbox. Please note that this article assumes you have a basic understanding of (X)HTML and CSS.

CSS Lightbox

Requirements: FF, Safari, Chrome, IE6, IE7 and IE8
Demo: http://www.growldesign.co.uk/projects/lb/
License: License Free

  • Rich

    Spelling Mistake I think.

    How to Creare a Non-Javascript Lightbox with CSS

    should be

    Create not Creare?

    If I’m wrong or you fix it you can just delete my comment!

  • Lorenzo

    @Rich: in italian “Creare” means “to Create” ;)

  • yep, wrong spelling.
    and if you change the permalinks too, you should also redirect that as google might have index this page already.

    nice concept on the css though I’ll stick with the javascript because of its interactions like next/back etc.

  • RICH it should always be CREARE! thanks a joke as I work for http://www.creare.co.uk check it out ha ha…..anyway

    Great article didn’t realise you could do a lightbox with purely CSS and XHTML I’ll give it a go see if its any quicker than an average lightbox plugin. Thanks for sharing

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  • Bob

    When you scroll it messes the light box up.

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  • Alina9914

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  • How do you get it where if you scroll or previent scrolling when the light box is active?

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