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ExtJS Grid Accepts Data Dragged from Spreadsheet

Posted · Category: MIT License, Tables

If we could drag our tabular data into grids from other programs we could circumvent the need to upload a data file to a web server to be read and parsed, then spit back out to our browser in a readable format.

Anyone who has ever had to parse Excel files on the server side knows how much of a pain it is, we might be lucky if we get a CSV file or some other simple format, but in the real world the end user running their spreadsheet program has no clue what simple tabular data is.

Shea Frederick has created a DataDrop plugin that is used on an ExtJS grid, giving that grid the ability to accept data dragged from spreadsheet programs such as Excel and OpenOffice Calc right into the grid to create rows of data.

DataDrop Spreadshete

Requirements: ExtJS Framework
Demo: http://www.vinylfox.com/datadrop-drag-grid-data-from-spreadsheet/
License: MIT License

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