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Apigee Provides Analytics, Protection and Control for APIs

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Apigee is a website that provides analytics, protection and control for APIs. Apigee enables API providers to understand usage, protect their app, and enforce API terms of use. Developers using APIs can use Apigee to get visibility into the actual service levels of the APIs they consume. Apigee is for any Web API. It supports SOAP and REST – both XML and JSON. Apigee is not yet for encrypted API traffic (SSL) or OAuth.

You can understand customers, usage patterns and app behavior with detailed analytics and alerts on API traffic, clients, errors, and data volumes. Protect your application and customers from misuse and abuse with API throttling, XML threat screening, and SLA alerts.

Apigee is a ‘Freemium’ service. Apigee’s Basic service is Free up to 10,000 messages per hour. You can create as many proxies for as many APIs as you want.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.apigee.com/
License: Free up to 10,000 Messages per hour

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