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PHPSecInfo – Security Information About PHP Environment

Posted · Category: BSD License, Security

PHP Security

PHP Security Consortium (PHPSC) is an international group of PHP experts dedicated to promoting secure programming practices within the PHP community. Members of the PHPSC seek to educate PHP developers about security through a variety of resources, including documentation, tools, and standards. You can read the PHP Security Guide they have published.

In addition to their educational efforts, the PHPSC engages in exploratory and experimental research in order to develop and promote standards of best practice for PHP application development. PHP Security Consortium has developed PHPSecInfo in order to help developers and system administrators audit PHP environments.

PHPSecInfo provides an equivalent to the phpinfo() function that reports security information about the PHP environment, and offers suggestions for improvement. It is not a replacement for secure development techniques, and does not do any kind of code or app auditing, but can be a useful tool in a multilayered security approach.

Requirements: –
Demo: http://phpsec.org/projects/phpsecinfo/index.html
License: New BSD License

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