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UIZE – Open Source Object Oriented Javascript Framework

Posted · Category: Framework, GPL License

UIZE (pronounced “you eyes”) is a powerful, open source, object oriented JavaScript framework – supporting widgets, AJAX, DOM, templates, and more. UIZE allows you to create more effective user interfaces in your Web-based applications and services.

UIZE does not extend native objects, and supports interoperability with other libraries that adhere to this principle. UIZE is server agnostic – so you can use it with any choice of server language and platform, including Java (Apache TomCat), C# (IIS / ASP.NET), Visual Basic (IIS / ASP), C/C++, Perl (Perl / Apache), PHP, Ruby (Ruby on Rails), Python, etc.

UIZE Javascript Framework

Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.uize.com/
License: GPL License

  • i want to use UIZE framework to show image based progress bar how can i use and where to find help on this framework?

  • A note for those interested – the framework toolset (compression, compilation, etc) appears to be based on Windows’ Scripting Host, and may not fit your needs if you (like me) are Linux or Mac based.

  • Dorac

    THUMBSDOWN… looks like a Mini-Me version of Jquery Visual

  • Shaun

    To Dorac, a lot of the effects/components found in UIZE are not in jQuery UI. (I assume you meant jQuery UI, not jQuery Visual, as I searched for that and came up with nothing).

    I like some of the effects in UIZE, but a lot of the theming definitely looks like it was done by a programmer.

    It may be worth checking out in the future to see if they’ve improved on how it looks. Until then, jQuery UI and its excellent theming support remains my number one.

  • Dorac


    Thanks for the reply. Yes I did mean jQuery UI he he.

    It is like any framework in my opinion, it is that this one is still being developed and would take more time to become popular.

    Nonetheless, jQuery “UI” (:P) is still top gun.

  • thanks for this info


  • Imtiaz

    Hi everyone, I am new to the UIZE framework. I’ve been using the Scrolly module. It normally works on click button basis in order to scroll the images. Now, I want the images to scroll depending on the time set. I wonder if it is just a parameter setting. Can someone help me in doing it? Thanking you in advance.

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