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Giveaway 5 Copies of 3D Stack Flash Component

Posted · Category: Announcement

The 3D Stack Flash component displays images in a 3D stack formation. Images can be defined through XML, in the Component Inspector, ActionScript, or from a Flickr feed. The stack’s direction can be linear or curved with customizable angles, blur and spacing. Over 70 parameters to customize the look and feel.

There is a built-in Flickr support by simply entering the URL of the Flickr RSS feed. There are option to customize animation, borders, blur, spacing, positioning, rollover zoom, reflections and drop shadows.

The 3D Stack Flash component can also be scrolled by clicking and dragging the mouse up and down on the stage. Mousewheel scrolling can be optionally enabled. The optional scrollbar is skinnable. The preloader, font and text are fully customizable.

Flashloaded is very kind to giveaway 5 copies of 3D Stack ($59.95/each) for Free to our readers. Simply tweet about this post or leave a comment about how you would use this 3D Stack on your website, you can have a chance taking this 3D Stack Flash component away for FREE. We will draw the winners and announce it on 1st August 2009. Thank you for all of the participants in advance.

3D Stack Flash Component

  • davide

    Wow! Nice idea for my personal photogallery…

  • This is perfect to create my products gallery on my website.

  • Allan Catadman

    A perfect 3D gallery for my portfolio… damn so good!

  • I would love to use this to display my portforlio of work. What an awesome component

  • webbografico

    interesting giveaway, beatiful app

  • Nice, great idea for portfolio

  • David

    great app
    i would use it on our club website so that users can easily browse between the photos

  • Great gallery app! Can use this on some of my projects.

  • Rey

    Nice comps, i would use it on my fashion brand site…

  • Bojan

    I will use it for creating awesome gallerys for my users…

  • Nice! I would like to use it to revolutionize and/or conquer a big piece of the internets.

    Or use it for the many pictures I have of my cat giving birth to 4 kittens: 2 reds, 1 black and 1 black/brown/grey (which I kept because the thing was so ugly that no one else wanted it)

  • It can be used to list customers on a commercial website.

  • Looks like a nice gallery, would be very useful for developing my friends up and coming photo gallery.

  • gigi
  • will be perfect for my portfolio and tutorials section of my site

  • Todd P.

    Nice app…would love to give it a spin on my site.

  • AngelusPL

    I want to make a cool looking gallery.

  • So nice, it will be perfect to show album arts of my podcast episodes and show my photos as well, but no harm to be use in great gallery too, wish to win one of this copies.

  • I would love to use this for example for my portfolio.

  • this is just the type of effect a client was looking for. funny how things pop up just when you need them.

  • John

    I would love to be able to use this for my website as a product gallery.

  • Cool, I Need it for my portfolio

  • Ryan

    Be great for my new Bodybuilding blog

  • Wow!
    Great 3D effects! If i win i consider to use like a gallery of some works.


  • UrbanCool

    tweeted.. looks sweet!

  • wow…nice component.. it is suitable for image based site.. I want it…

    TQ FlashLoaded.com and WebAppers.com … for the giveaways..

  • KevinM

    I would use this to showcase the various issues of our University Magazine.

  • Rolodex. :)

  • Neat, I’m not sure how I would use it but I want it :)

  • paul Rostorp


    I would use it to display all the images i have on my website .


  • Khaled

    My new magazine lack some creative parts especially the gallery, so I think 3D Stack will solve my problem.

  • Irimia Suleapa
  • I would use it to show my portfolio peaces in my web page as a quick look for clients. Also, for personal pics to show to my relatives.

  • hope i’ll win

  • We will use it as part of the administrator interface in the web app we are producing right now, as well as in the “tour” page of our product (web based e-learning platform)

  • Wow!!! simply AWESOME… Webappers & Flashloaded always thinking of WE… THE READERS!!!

    That’s what i need for one of my projects, a really cool gallery to show innovation… I HOPE TO WIN MY 3D STACK COPY.

    PD: Sorry about my poor English… i’m from Cartagena-Colombia.

  • spamec

    I would use to show my portfolio :)

  • Dan

    A nice tool..would go well for showing images on my site.

  • Awesome! Would use this on my record label’s website for album covers….ahhh nice.

  • Sign me up – my clients would love a feature like this.

  • Alchemist

    Amazing flash galery, sure I can use it :)

  • This would be a cool option to show of a gallery on my website.

  • ditman

    Hey my tweets are locked but… I could use some of this :)

    Me wants for my mom’s site!! :D

  • teryn

    I would love this on my portfolio of photos!

  • I want to use the amazing componet to my design portfolio.

    The 2009 works new set on http://www.lytous.com. Thanks!

  • wowzer – i would intergrate this into my portfolio and maybe modify it to add some video.

  • Vincenzo Lavino

    Wow I need it :)

  • absurdsystem

    wow, I want it for my design portfolio

  • I have a webshop where CD records are for sale, this stack would be a great presentational tool for the frontpage of the store!

  • Yoveo

    It’s a pretty amazing app !

  • Zed3

    will be extremely useful for my design portfolio

  • Hi,

    I surely could use this for my new online portfolio.


  • Hi,

    I surely could use this for my new online portfolio im making.

    Goodluck everybody….

  • Great Flash component, would love to use it.

  • Oh man this would be perfect to show music on a website I am developing! Please pick me :)

  • Would love to use this for a artist site I’m working on and for my portfolio!

  • Very nice! I’d love to have them on my site ^_^

  • My portfolio will more professional looking with this “3D Stack Flash Component”..

    Niway tq to FlashLoaded and webAppers.. for give me such good chance to win this prize..

  • Dan

    I would use this to display my portfolio on my upcoming website.

  • Maybe my new website about Japan DRAMA CD can combine this and wordpress~

  • A perfect gallry for my new website. I really wanted to win so that I can use.
    Please Please Please Please Please Please
    Thanks in advance

  • Would love to use it as an image gallery displayer :)

  • I would bulid all my site with it!!!!

  • Three days ago one of my clients that sells dates, asked me to create a stacked 3d images to showcase their products. I think I would use it to build the header of their website…

  • Siavash

    nice to use and enjoy

  • Just saw your post. Hope I’m not late. I’m about to use this 3D gal at my website to show our community showcase gallery so it look attractive to visitors and get attention.

  • Rahul

    Really Great tool and Happy to use this and hope u guys will delever great things which will give the world a great experiance of UI.

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