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TypeSelect – Selectable Beautifully Rendered Typefaces

Posted · Category: Fonts, MIT License

By leveraging typeface.js, jQuery, the canvas, toDataURL, CSS background properties and real overlayed text, Type Select is able to combine custom fonts with your browser’s native text selection functionality. You can now interact with beautifully rendered typefaces just like you do with normal text.

Web professionals have been stuck with 9 “web safe” fonts for too many years. There have been some clever solutions (SIFR, FLIR, Typeface.js, Cufon), but text selection has been a tough nut to crack. This approach can become a viable workaround until browser technology catches up. Type Select is offered as a free proof-of-concept under the MIT License.

Type Select

Requirements: jQuery 1.3.2+
Demo: http://www.typeselect.org/
License: MIT License

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